Pittsburg Police Investigating Fatal Shooting, Bay Point Man Arrested


At around 10:00 am Monday, Pittsburg Officers responded to the 1500 block of Willow Pass Road in regards to a shooting.

While officers were responding, they were notified that the suspect, 39-year-old Jason Posey of Bay Point, was attempting to leave the location.  But, before he could flee, officers found Posey in his car and arrested him.

Police also located a man who had been shot several times in his upper torso.  He was rushed to John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek where he later died.

During the investigation, it was learned that Posey and the victim had known each other for some time.  Just prior to the shooting, the man arrived at the location to confront Posey regarding a dispute.  They argued for several minutes before Posey retrieved a handgun and fired it at the man several times.  Posey’s attempt to flee the scene was thwarted, in part, by witnesses who intervened and blocked his path until our officers arrived.

The Pittsburg Police Department’s Investigations Division responded to the scene and took over the investigation. Detectives are currently contacting witnesses and obtaining statements from those involved. Additional information is not available at this time.  The name of the victim is being withheld pending notifications.

This is the city of Pittsburg’s fourth homicide of the year.

Information provided by Pittsburg Police


  1. What outstanding citizens to put themselves in a situation with a violent man. Those citizens helped keep their community safe by making sure this accused murderer did not escape. They deserved to be recognized. We need more people like that in our cities.

  2. “Pittsburg’s fourth homicide of the year” … but if you also add in Bay Point which is west Pittsburg … then I believe that makes 7 homicides so far this year.

  3. That was not a homicide that was self defense! Get the whole story of what had happened to lead up to this because I know he wouldn’t hurt a fly unless he was defending himself! Dumb ass people

    • How is it self defense if he unloaded on the man and then reloaded just to unload again? Where is the self defense in that? He shot to kill with his idiot ass

  4. How are you going to try and say self defence when the killer went and retrieved a gun…meaning he left the situation only to come back and shoot an unarmed man. A man who was a father of three, a brother, uncle , cousin, son, and good friend to many…so save your self defence this murder! Nothing else straight up murder! In a moment a good man was taken out of rage not self defence!

  5. Hold up that was my cousin and your boi got his handed to him that’s why he came back and shot him its gonna be ok cause my homie was a great man but also a beast so dont get it twisted… Rip till we meet again love u brody……

  6. Maybe Jason got sick of being beat up by Sam not saying what he did was Ok cause it wasn’t.i think it come under the term bully. And gas for Pittsburg pd lieing about their muder rate your full of shit.pittsburg already got called on the amount of muders their town has as and yes they were lieing.its ok Pittsburg we already know half your Dept .are bad apples.ok, maybe not half but close to it

  7. None of you know what your talking about. Jason wasent allowed to leave . He was held there and beat repeatedly by that so-called good guy and several people there knew it and did nothing to stop it did nothing to help. He tried to leave several times but was not allowed to. He was left with no choice but to defend himself as he was in imminent danger. He never left and went to get a gun and then came back to the scene. That’s not what happened get the FACTS straight.

  8. How is it self defense if he unloaded on the man and then reloaded just to unload again? Where is the self defense in that? He shot to kill with his idiot ass

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