Pittsburg Police Arrest Man Suspected in Road Rage Shooting That Wounded 4-Year-Old Boy

Photos provided by Pittsburg Police

The Pittsburg Police Department announced Wednesday that a traffic stop has led to the arrest of a man who was linked to a road rage shooting in August.

According to police, a traffic stop found that a driver was unlawfully in possession of a firearm and placed under arrest. Upon more investigation, the man was linked to a shooting of a 4-year-old boy during the road rage incident.  The boy was struck in the leg.

Police say the man confessed to the shooting and was taken to the Martinez Detention Facility. Police did not release his identity.

Original Release on June 21, 2020

The Pittsburg Police said Monday that a 4-year-old was shot on August 21 at approximately 10:57 pm near the intersection at W. Leland Rd and San Marco Blvd.

According to police, the 4-year-old was already on the way to the hospital when the shooting was reported. The victim was in the back seat of his fathers car, while they were driving westbound on W Leland Rd.  As his father attempted to pass the suspect vehicle traveling westbound, the suspect pointed a firearm at them and fired 2 shots into the vehicle, striking the 4 year old in the leg.

The victim was transported to Oakland Children’s Hospital where he underwent surgery and is expected to recover.

The incident is being investigated by the Pittsburg Police Department and Contra Costa County Sheriffs Office.  Officers are following up with suspect descriptions and leads, however if anyone knows any details regarding this incident please call (925)646-2441.



  1. Isn’t it interesting that all of the closeted Boogaloo Boys/Patriot Prayer/Proud Boys sympathizers aren’t posting their usual “plague” posts with this one? Riddle me that.

    • You are right on with that pastor. The racist nonsense on here is its own plague. Glad they caught this guy though. There should be no tolerance for actions that put our children at risk. Hope that young person is doing well.

  2. Pastor LibTard,
    This is consistent with all crime data. Blacks dont commit all the crimes. Just most if them. Theres a few bad ones on the other teams. Just not the majority like on the Plague Team. Pay attention! You will catch on. LOL

    • You seriously need to lay off the Mountain Dew and go get some fresh air… Your constant references to “all crime data” is at best just outdated hatemongering. What you seem to be alluding to is the fact that black & brown people are more likely to be arrested in this country for the same crimes committed by their white neighbors; this doesn’t mean they commit more crimes, it means they’re incriminated more. Wake up and read between the lines; the glare from your red neck is skewing your view.


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