Pittsburg: Firefighters Make Quick Work of 3-Alarm House Fire, 12 Displaced


On Thursday, April 25, 2019, Contra Costa County Fire Protection District Firefighters responded to a report of a residential structure fire in the 1 block of Sunnyhill Way in the City of Pittsburg.

While responding, firefighters received reports that a second home was catching fire and a 2nd alarm was called. Upon arrival, the Battalion Chief called for a 3rd alarm response after flames had shot more than 50-feet into the air. A short-time later, firefighters quick actions stopped progress of the fire and the 3rd alarm was cancelled.

The fire was under control within 20-minutes and knocked down a short time later.

The fire destroyed one home, a neighbors Winnebago, and fence. A large tree also caught fire. The home destroyed had a total of 12-occupants (7 adults and 5 children) who are displaced.

Firefighters likely saved 3 neighboring homes with the quick knock down.

The cause of the house fire is under investigation. The Pittsburg Police Department also responded for traffic and crowd control while AMR responded as a precaution. No injuries were reported.


    • My family is visiting family as they live out of state for a birthday celebration, maybe think about things before you say it as you sound ridiculous and extremely judgmental. My family just lost everything & are incredible people.

  1. It’s called family visiting from out of town, your comment is ridiculous! This is family celebrating a birthday, don’t insinuate, because you look stupid.

  2. Not really ridiculous when it’s hard to survive in the Bay Area with ridiculous prices for housing.They are just trying to survive the best way they know how!!! not everyone is Fortunate to be able to buy a home or not live with others.

  3. I’m sorry you lost your home. To lose everything would be devastating. I just wish victims wouldn’t read the comments. You’re going to read comments that upset you.

  4. They really need to stop letting the “media” onto these properties like that. It’s still someone’s private property and shouldn’t be aired out like that for all to see.

    That angle at the end there was from the back yard! How the hell is a civilization low budget “journalist” being allowed back there.

  5. The media is just doing their job. People complain about the media, but they sure want to watch and read the news. You can’t have it both ways. That being said, I feel for this family. I can’t imagine losing your home, as well as a lot of things that can’t be replaced by insurance. I would want my privacy, but I’d try to keep it in perspective.

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