Pit Bulls Who Mauled Hunter Kilbourn To Be Euthanized



The two pit bulls involved in the attack of 10-year-old Hunter Kilbourn on August 11 will be humanely euthanized according to a unanimous ruling by the city appeals board Thursday afternoon.

The decision came during a hearing in Antioch where the pets owners, Courtney and Roderick De La Cruz, told Animal Services that only the female dog, Jewels, attacked Hunter and that Duke should not be put down.

The decision ruled both dogs were dangerous which back a finding by Animal Services who deemed both dogs “vicious animals” and determined the pair should be euthanized.

Melody Ralls, Hunter’s mother, said the ruling gives her a sense of closure.

“It’s like closing one more chapter of this horrible tragedy, and from now on we can focus on Hunter and getting him healed,” she said.

“Hunter was a survivor and if they would’ve gotten those dogs back, the next victim may not have been,” she added.





  1. I totally sympothize with what happened and hope Hunter heals quickly. unfortunately it is incident’s like this that give any dog that looks like a pit to become victim’s as well. My sisters dog Chata who has been in our family for the last 9 years and was the most loving and gentle dog was shot and killed last night by the sheriffs department simply because she was barking as they came in her driveway. I know they will just say they were in fear of her attacking them, but it seems that law enforcement these days seem’s to be using that excuse more and more. I am not saying that if there is a pit or any dog for that matter that is attacking a peace officer or anyone else should not be put down, but I guarantee if my rat terrier were barking at them they would have never shot her, they did it simply because she looked like a pit. I believe there needs to be accountability with ALL parties, including law enforcement officers. It is just NOT okay to kill a family pet because of how they look. There are other less forceful ways they could deal with a situation than to kill the animal and in her case that is exactly what should have happened if for some reason they were in fear of her. Again I do hope that Hunter heals quickly and my heart goes out to him.

    • I totally agree with you on that. Pitbulls get a really bad rap and are “racially profiled” more than any other dog. I have a friend who’s daughter has medical difficulties, and her pit ids the girl’s best friend. You can hear him come down the hallway by listening to his tail hit everything he passes. But the thing is, they have such powerful bites that it’s difficult to take the chance. I own a Rottweiler that is the biggest, meanest-looking sweetheart you’ll ever find. I’m more concerned with protecting him from people than the other way around. It’s all about how a dog is raised, just like children. Training will speak louder than anything.

    • This article was not about you or your sister’s dog! It was about a little boy that was mauled, traumatized, and is now disfigured for life. If a person had done this to Hunter we would all be out for blood…..but what…because it’s a dog it’s ok?? I totally agree with the city board.

  2. I thank the appeals board with all my heart. Like so many other states and cities all of East County needs to ban these dogs.

  3. Ban these dogs. What about my pit who protected my daughter as she was taking her for a walk ans a German Shepard came up from behind and bit her in the shoulder. Should we ban races of ppl to for their crimes?

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