Highway 4 Police Chase Ends in Car Fire


At roughly 3:59 pm, Contra Costa County Fire Protection District to a car fire along Highway 4 which appear to be the result of a police chase that ended in a vehicle crashing and then catching fire.  Engine 86 responded and the incident required two AMR ambulances for victim transport.

According to one of our readers, the driver of the vehicle and police flew passed him at Bailey road by the time he got to Railroad, the chase was over.

We have no further details at this time.

Here are a few pictures via our readers Ed Lauderdale and Geddy Ecv Kendrick



  1. I’ll tell you more about this story. This was my parents car that was stolen for the 3rd time in Antioch. It was just stolen from the Antioch Bart station a few days ago and after being found my parents had to use their rent money to pay the $500 impound fee to get it back. My dad drove it to the Bart station to get to work in the city only to find out it had been stolen again and this time they won’t be getting it back. I am really curious as to what the Bart police and security do all day while cars are apparently being stolen daily right beneath their noses. I hope the woman driving the car was okay so that she can go to jail for doing this to my innocent hard working parents who did not deserve this.

    • I’m so sorry for your family’s misfortunes. There is an agency that helps people who are victims of crimes. I believe the name of it is The Victims Witness Program.I hope they can defray some of the costs of the crimes. I’m very glad your parents are safe.

  2. All i can say is im glad im here today, They almost crashed into me at the drivers side door right where i was. it was a very quiet drive on my way back from Work when i heard screeching wheels coming at me i responed quickly or thats where the chase might have ended, they were going like 90mph during traffic hour They didnt care what was in there way they were not stoping. There recklessness could have taken someone’s life!!!

  3. Tara: So what if the woman goes to jail, she gets 3 hots and a cot, all the while your parents are paying for a roof over her head. Society is such a wreck these days, just too much stuff going on that puts hard working people going 5 steps backwards. I wish your parents the best of luck in the future. Maybe purchase a car that no one wants to steal.

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