Photos: Marsh Creek Clean Up


I had the chance yesterday to attend the Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed Creek Cleanup and shadow executive director Diane Burgis as we made our way to all nine locations. People of all ages showed up for the cause as kids in kindergarten through retired adults did their part to clean up the creek.

Aside from the small garbage, big ticket items I saw being put in the trash bins included shopping cards, a couch, television, blankets, and boxes.  With the low water level, Ms. Burgis explained that it allowed them to get to a lower level than in years past.

Brentwood City Council Candidate Gene Clare was off and running picking up trash in Brentwood as I believe he hit multiple sites while Dirk Ziegler was in charge of one of the sites.

Here are the pictures, there are 69 photos, so it make take a minute or two to load.


You can find out more about the Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed by visiting their website.