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Photos: ECCFPD Limits Fire Damages, Saves Brentwood Home

by ECT


At 2:43 pm Saturday afternoon, the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District saved a Brentwood home on Bluesage Court  from being destroyed as their quick action limited damage to the side of a home and the attic.

As the call came in, it was described as a side yard fire with a fence engulfed.

Upon arrival of engine 52 it was a different reality. They called dispatch and stated its now a working residential fire as flames had shot up the side of the home and into the attic.  Upon entry into the home, it was confirmed it had reached the attic.

The incident required response of all five engines in order to save the home and upon additional resources arriving, a two-man-in and two-man-out teams were established along with interior offensive attack of the fire was conducted.

The incident resulted in heavy fire damage to the exterior wall and fence areas of the structure along with heavy fire damage within the attic space.

No one was home at the time and all animals (3 cats and 1 bird) were saved.

Brentwood Police were also on scene providing traffic control and working with the fire department to ensure observers were a safe distance away.

Editorial Note:

This really was an amazing save and a perfect scenario as none of our other resources were tied up at the time this call came in. With all five engines on scene, any other assistance to the District would have come from Antioch/Pittsburg and limited to just two-engines due to the reduction in auto aid as the District was left uncovered.

Here are the photographs

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kathy leal Jul 22, 2013 - 8:41 am

God bless all firefighters. This is my sister’s home and we are all so glad their quick response and professional training helped them control what could have been so much worse. Thank you Brentwood Fire Dept.

VOC Jul 22, 2013 - 8:15 pm

Great Job ECCFPD. People need to know that Supervisors Federal Glover and Mary Piepho who have offices in east county voted to reduce mutual aid from Contra Costa Fire to East County Fire. Remember that when you vote for Supervisors again.

JigsUp Jul 24, 2013 - 10:07 pm


What was reduced was auto-aid. Mutual aid is something different and remains an option if units are available. The reason auto-aid was reduced is that we borrow from our neighbors at a 2:1 rate that they borrow resources from us.

Do you consider that equitable? Do you think it is fair to take engines away from Antioch and Pittsburg now that they have reduced coverage due to their own station closure? Did you vote for or against the parcel tax that would have kept services stable in East County?

Suggesting some punitive vote is pretty silly since most any rational adult in that situation and aware of all the facts would vote the same way. The Supervisors act as the Board of Directors for ConFire. The vote was simply the lesser of two evils for the position they found themselves in.

Tammy Jul 24, 2013 - 7:32 pm

Great article, but what caused the fire?

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