Photos: Discovery Bay Lions Club Launches First Farmers Market


The Discovery Bay Lions Club launched the first of many of their Discovery Bay Farmers Markets this morning in the parking lot of the Boardwalk Grill.  The markets will be set up on Sundays through Labor Day from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.  Today’s event featured about a dozen vendors including a corvette car show.

Here are a few photographs from the event along with overhead shots provided by Discovery Bay Studios Photography.


  1. Did the number of vendors properly reflect that they followed the orders from the county? I hope they end up successful.

  2. Great pics as usual Mike – Thank you!

    I enjoyed checking out the vendors … made a few new friends in the process!

    Took a photo for the October issue of Delta Living Magazine for the Delta Smilz section even!

    DB Lions Club did a great job putting the Farmer’s Market together today! I call it … “History in the making!” ~ Smilz, Charleen

  3. I see multiple tents that is not fruits or come from a farm. If the county does nothing, I think I’ll start my own farmers market in downtown Oakley. Remember, the county fined Carpaccios for doing something similar.

  4. Great photos once again Burk! The pictures of the three little kids sitting on the curb were fantastic.

    I hope for their sake they worked out the permit. They would only have themselves to blame if they screwed it up, especially since it was so spelled out for them.

    Are they going to do the event again, or is it “one and done”????

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