Photos: Brentwood Police Make Arrests After Home Invasion Robbery



On New Years Day at about 1:38 pm, Brentwood police officers were responding to the 800 block of Greenstone Court to investigate a home invasion robbery that just occurred with four suspects fleeing the scene in a vehicle.

Officers intercepted the suspect vehicle near the intersection of Central Blvd. and Fairview Ave. The occupants discarded a loaded .45 caliber pistol from the vehicle, evaded capture and abandoned the vehicle in the 1500 block of Autumn Valley Way where they attempted to flee on foot.

Officers quickly located the vehicle and contacted Antonio Tafoya (20 years of age – Pittsburg) and a male juvenile (16 years of age – Pittsburg) leaving the area on foot and matching the suspect descriptions. Tafoya and the juvenile were detained and then positively identified by the victims.

Brentwood PD detectives responded to assist with the investigation. They obtained additional information and determined at least two of the suspects were known to the victims. These two suspects were recently present as welcome guests in the victim’s residence indicating the victims were not randomly selected.

The firearm was recovered and a third suspect was identified as Alvin Patterson (18 years of age – Brentwood). Patterson was located and arrested in the 2100 block of Sand Creek Road.

Tafoya, Patterson and the juvenile suspect were arrested for armed robbery and false imprisonment.

The investigation is ongoing and detectives are currently working on leads to identify the fourth suspect. Anyone with information related to this incident is asked to contact Detective Aguirre at (925) 809-7726.

Editors Note: A third subject (photographed below in the camouflage sweatshirt and beanie)  was taken into custody yesterday for questioning on Fairview and San Jose Dr, but was later released after witnesses confirmed he was not involved in the home invasion. He was taken into custody for approaching the police vehicle trying to make contact with the subject detained while also fitting the description of one of the subjects involved in the home invasion–we have chosen not to include photographs which show his face.


  1. Well done Brentwood Police. Thank you for keeping East County safe. Great pictures as usual ECT!

  2. Nice to know Brentwood PD captured this guys for a home invasion. Wonder if they were invovled in the others which have been occuring the last month or so. Great job Brentwood PD and thank you ECT for showing these photos.

  3. Glad no one was shot since a gun was used. Thank you Brentwood PD for being amazing and keeping our community safe.

  4. Keep posting these peoples pictures. Maybe it will shame them into no longer committing crimes. I for one am thankful for Brentwood Police and they really do a good job.

  5. Good job PD and great job for citizens who were alert and help PD corner the suspects. With out community involvement crime is harder to solve.

  6. It’s really in poor taste to show people being arrest and their photographs. What if they are incident? You are not KTVU or ABC7. Have some respect for the family!

    • Respect for who? No way these guys get respect. If anything, they deserve public humiliation

    • Well if they had respect for others and laws they would not have this problem. You break the law you deserve no respect. Maybe their family would be respected if they would have raised their kids right. Your in poor taste defending these scum bags.

    • It’s common practice to show images of criminals over the age of 18. What’s in poor taste is robbing people who opened their home to you and defending criminals.

    • WTF…you got to be joking.Great job BWood PD…keep the scums out of Brentwood.Good thing they picked the home they did cause half the homeowners would have shot them

    • You guys act like you perfect! everybody makes mistakes It’s part of life. So everybody can be quite Cause you know if that was you , you would be mad they put your picture up here and let everybody talk crap about you!

  7. Amanda, go be a hippy somewhere else. Those guys are guilty and we deserve to know what they look like.

  8. Respect? Maybe they should respect other people and not rob them. Do I feel bad for the mom and dads, sure. But that is about it. These guys faces should be shown.

  9. Be warned Brentwood. All the crime Antioch has experienced will and is currently spreading to your town like a cancer.

    And people like Amanda will manipulate the media to get others to feel sorry and even praise the bad guys.

    It happens every day in our society.

    • wrong…the section 8 scum lanloards can’t afford Bwood anymore and at least half the scum has moved out since the housing turn around.Brentwood prices are at least 150k more.I work all over Brentwood day and night and there are way less scumbags in the last 2 years.

      • I’d check the Sunset Crossing neighborhood and the recently completed low income apartment complex in that area.

        Areas near downtown are also very affordable for investors.

  10. Excellent work by Brentwood’s Finest! Hopefully the PD’s efforts being continually publicized like this will create a reputation that Brentwood is not the place you want to be if you’re driving around high on meth, looking for stuff to steal, or people to rob.

  11. What a great job Brentwood police!!!!!!!!!!! I listened to the whole chase on the scanner when it was dispatched. No time was wasted. So glad they were all caught!!! To the people now in jails, if you want to run fast, try pulling up your pants! Lol. To ECT keep taking pictures of people stupid enough to do things like this!!! Thank you Brentwood police for always doing such a great job in protecting us. I am so thankful for all of you.

  12. I support ECT showing us all exactly what is happening. We can see that the police are making serious inroads against crime. Anyone who’s thinking of taking some action like these guys did should be thinking, “That could be me, on the front page, in cuffs. It just doesn’t pay.” And, for the rest of us out here, remember. . .every home invasion incident report begins with the words, “The homeowner opened the door. . .”

  13. I too thank ECT for being on top of all the stories…thanks to them I saw this unfolding on my street and went home immediately to check on my house. I was able to speak with the officer on scene and thank him in person! Good job Brentwood PD!

  14. Way to go Brentwood PD!!! I am glad to hear it was a not a random house they hit and that they knew the victims.

  15. I love it when the police move on a crime and everything falls into place to get the bad guys off the street. Awesome job BPD. Keep taking the trash out until it’s all gone.

  16. I am just so pleased how quickly Brentwood police were on this that I have to post another comment. The Brentwood police are awesome. Kudos to the dispatchers and of course the police who caught these knuckleheads!!!!!!! GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!

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