Photo: Auto vs. Big Rig on Vasco Road Friday Afternoon


At roughly 1:36 pm, emergency crews responded to a big rig vs. auto on Vasco Road near Camino Diablo. The non-injury crash came in over dispatch worse than what actually occurred as both persons involved were not injured and were out of their vehicles.

The accident did block a lane of traffic and fire crews were on scene for roughly 20-minutes. The scene will be clear for the Friday evening commute.

vasco accident

Photo courtesy of Carissa Carroll.


  1. A lot of crashes at that intersection. Is it possible it wasn’t constructed correctly, besides the fact people are going too fast or not paying attention?

  2. Wherever there is an intersection you will have increased traffic collisions. 9 out of 10 times it is the driver, not the road that causes collisions.

  3. I was wondering what company the big rig was from also if the big rig was hauling materials to the hwy 4 project. I have noticed a lot of trucks off route (not a truck route)

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