Update: Two Dead in Saturday Highway 4 Crash


An afternoon crash on Highway 4 and Marsh Creek Road in Discovery Bay resulted in two deaths.

The incident occurred at 1:35 pm after a tow truck and sedan collided in what is being described as a T-bone type collision where fire crews had to use hydraulic tools to extract the victims. The sedan was destroyed.  The passenger in that vehicle was pounced dead on scene while the drive was flown to John Muir Trauma Center in Walnut Creek where they later passed due to major injuries from the crash.

The tow truck driver and passenger were unharmed in the incident.

According to the incident report, the two truck driver advised the sedan turned in front of him as he was traveling approximately 50 mph resulting in a tow truck colliding with the sedan on its passenger side.

Update (8:00 pm 05/05/2013)

Theodore Machado, 44, of French Camp and his 16-year-old daughter, Kianna Machado, of Rio Vista, died following the crash.

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Jeni Plummer
Erika Cooper

We will be updating this story tomorrow morning.



  1. The victim with life threatening injuries has passed away. My family and I drove through the intersection well after the crash. Absolutely gruesome sight. It made my stomach turn to see yellow tarps. I can’t stop thinking about those poor people and their families. May they rest in peace.

  2. May God bless these people and their friends and family. Unfortunately I saw this just after it happened and got a picture of the wreck. The picture shows the car crumpled and I believe it was the passenger who was killed because after reading the comments I looked at my picture and realized the yellow tarp on the passenger seat was to cover up the person who passed away. The medevac helicopter landed in the field next to the accident and the firefighters were trying to extract the person and get them on the helicopter. When I came by 3 hours later they were still cleaning up and investigating. Is there a way to submit my photo for the story?

  3. I drove by maybe 20 mins after the accident and saw the yellow tarp covering the passenger side and about 10 fire fighters standing and looking at the drivers side. The sight of the accident made me gasp i knew no one could survive that horrific accident. May they rest in peace!

  4. There is a reason this is a safety corridor-daylight headlights on section. If i remember correctly a family was wiped out at that same intersection.

    Two more people lost. How many more lives will this undivided highway take?

    May they rest in peace.

  5. At least you got this right unlike other papers, the Times lists it as Byron. Very sad. More safety is needed out that way. That blue car being crushed like that, I can’t imagine being a police officer or firefighter or emt on scene. very sad

    • @Holly, we updated this story this morning with additional pictures. Original story had 1-person dead on scene and the other was transported with serious injuries. This morning we updated to reflect both victims did die from the accident. I’ve not included the names because I have not been made aware who they were by law enforcement. I also want to make sure families have been properly notified first.

      Feel free to email me at [email protected]

  6. This section of Marsh Creek Raod which the victim was turning onto is not in Discovery Bay it is in Byron.

    • P,

      Neither Marsh Creek Rd or Highway 4 goes into Byron. They both go to Discovery Bay. Check your google map. It looks like Burk was the only one to get it right.

      More importantly, may the two individuals that perished rest in peace.

  7. So very sad all here in rio vista are heartbroken ! Ted and Kianna will be very missed .I did not know them well but our kids go to school together and I just met Ted last year very nice guy I just learned he was into some acting had small jobs on A&E and more. Kianna was very pretty, kind , creative and so funny loved watching those kids in the school and community plays, all the kids knew her and loved her care free spirit . This is a devastating tragedy for our small town.:(

    • I misread this story and thought it was a different accident that two of my friends were in. Saturday morning. i didn’t have full details at the time so I assumed this was the wreck So no I am not an idiot. Truth you calling me an idiot makes you a jackass Im human and made a mistake.

      • There was an accident in gun barrel tx on Saturday morning that involved two people close to me that lost their lives. Tyler Mcmillan and Justin Luper

  8. Holly, First of all I was not the one who called you an idiot. Secondly you should not ASSUME things before you get your facts.

  9. Our community is mourning today and holding a candlelight vigil this evening. Please keep our children and the family in your prayers.

  10. i was at a red light at the intersection in the work van as soon as it happened. Myself and several others got out of our car’s and tried to help Ted. Community members came together and tried everything they could. The damage and trauma is still haunting. The hardest part of it all was finding Kianna in the debris. None of us were able to see her right away. i’ll never forget the tow truck driver’s face when he was told she was in the vehicle. Does anyone know WHERE AND WHEN a service will be held for them?

    • Hello Sam T, I am Teds Aunt Jaci. The services are to be held at the Catholic Church in Rio Vista 11 am on May 13th. Feel free to call me 916-996-0452

    • Thank you for trying to help Ted and Kianna at this horrific scene. We are still and will forever be heartbroken at the loss of these two wonderful and loved people in our town of Rio Vista.

  11. I sent ‘Burk’ an email with this content and it was ignored.

    This accident could have been prevented and these lives could have been spared. That is all I will say. It is a tragedy. Just as important is reporting the facts correctly so people can relate to where it happened. The following is what was sent to ‘Burk’. Yet no correction has been made.

    Your story was impressive/phots were exceptional but you have your facts incorrect. This horrific accident happened in BYRON NOT DISCOVERY BAY. WE HAVE LIVED HERE FOR 8 YEARS AND OTHERS ON THIS END OF MARSH CREEK ROAD FOR 30+ IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN BYRON, There is an issue with this road that Mr. Machado was turning onto. If these issues had been addressed as the residents of this end of Marsh Creek Road have been asking for for 5 years these people would not have lost their lives.

    Discovery Bay is east of Bixler Road.

    It is important that you report this accident as happening in the correct town. I cannot go in to details. If your a reporter please check your facts.

  12. First of all you do not know what you are talking about and I do not need a google map to tell me where I live. The residents on this end of Marsh Creek Raod that Mr. Machado was turning onto have lived here for 8 to 30 years. We have always been located in BYRON and that is where the Assessors office has us.

    In reporting a story as horrific as this it is important the facts are reported correctly so the people can relate to WHERE IT HAPPENED. Even Kron 4 and Ktvu 2 got it right as did the highway patrol.

    If you think that Byron is one little street where the Byron Bar is your incorrect. Byron covers a huge area and Discovery Bay WAS BYRON UNTIL A FEW YEARS AGO WHEN THE RESIDENTS WANTED THEIR OWN TOWN; WHICH DOES NOT GO OUTSIDE OF THEIR COMMUNITY.

    You liKe ‘Burk’ need to get your facts corrected.

    The loss of these two lives could have been prevented that is all I can say.

    • If you want to get technical and split hairs. its unincorporated Contra Costa County and just 200-300 yards from Discovery Bay’s border while over a mile away from Byron. I went with the closer city to identify where it occurred.

      It doesn’t really matter where the incident occurred, but that two people died and the road needs more safety improvements ASAP.

  13. Dah, we all know it is unincorparated CCC. wE LIVE HERE~!


    There is nothing technical about it. It is IMPORTANT that this accident was reported to have happend in Byron it has to do with getting safety addressed, something the resident here have been screaming about for 5 years. Lives were lost and we feel it was could have been prevented. IF YOU CONTINUE TO SAY DB IT IS PUTTING THE SAFETY ISSUE IN THE WRONG TOWN.

    You don’t seem to get it so I am done!

  14. @ dpr, dp, dsrp, dsr, and lemonellop,

    I’m not necessarily sure why it is so important to you, but I have to once again side with Burk on this one. I am familiar with the area and history, having lived here much longer than you. I was able to bring up the following map with a few clicks of the mouse.

    The boundary of what is called Byron is limited to the small downtown area which is depicted on all county maps.

    While the smaller streets are not labeled, if you know the area then you can see that Disco Bay does go west of Bixler Rd. Both Marsh Creek Road and Highway 4 intersect with Discovery Bay, and neither even come close to Byron which is located off of J4 (see map link).

    As Burk reported the area in question is not really in either Disco Bay or Byron, but is much closer to Disco Bay. He got it right.

    Byron, is a census designated place which is actually the County. More than likely the other media is relying on old, outdated information. I highly doubt if the traffic in the area is related any more to Byron than that of Disco Bay.

    If it is traffic safety you are worried about I think trying to make this about your personal location is strange. The entire stretch of Highway 4 between Brentwood and Disco (including the intersection of Marsh Creek) is in a highway Safety Corridor and daylight “headlights on” section of road. Since neither of us know what really caused the accident and trying to label the scene Byron or Disco Bay really has no bearing. what other safety measure or issue do you have in mind?

    I have my facts straight and unlike you I didn’t need to “SHOUT” at the computer to try to get my point across. How old are you, 5? By the way Byron is not spelled Bryon which you did more than once. “Me thinks” if you actually lived there you would know how to spell it.
    The long and short of it was that Burk is right, and you are wrong. Get over it.

    Case closed.

    • Not the change the subject but do you remember the accident where a truck load of teenagers were ejected and killed? I think it was in the early 80’s. Wasn’t that between Marsh Creek Rd and Byron Highway? If I remember correctly, that was one of the driving forces behind the Safety Corridor and the ban on riding in the back of trucks.

      • YES,Our Son was the first to respond he was a paramedic he has never forgotten it. Even tho this intersection was for safety it created other horriffic unsafe conditions that affect us and our neighbors.



    • KMA/DSR, etc.,

      Had better what? Barrage you with more facts? (For the record, I knew you weren’t done).

      If you look closely at the county map you can see it is not done by the assessor’s office, because it is not his purview. The Assessor and his clerks have no jurisdiction or authority over boundaries. Call his office if you don’t believe me. His name is Gus Kramer, look it up!

      I am sure the CHP as well would be happy to modify their outdated location designations; I suggest you contact them as well or if you like I can. Just say the word.

      Even when you are right you are wrong. My typo was a period instead of a comma. No need to capitalize after a comma. But just the same, my mistake and thank you for catching it! Now you need to get a grip on the rest of this. You don’t get to choose where Byron is. That has already been decided. Check out the shiny new signs that are 1/2 way down J4 (far away from your house) welcoming you to Byron. Check out the official and current county map which put you miles outside of Byron, because last time I checked the news channels and the CHP were not in charge of land designation.

      p.s. SE, this is a blog site, for exchanging of information and opinion. Not a place people come to mourn. I am sure the people that were close to the families could care less. Please stop trying to play the martyr.

  16. Byron is East County’s version of the movie cars ”Radiator Springs”. The location of the crash really doesn’t matter and its irrelevant. I think it’s rather pathetic you want this accident in Byron for nothing more than making an argument for safety improvements. The road is long and should be address as a whole, not so one little radiator springs type of town can benefit. Two people lost their lives, lets respect that and stop trying to pick a fight on something as silly as the town. Looknig at the map, I’ll side with Burk.

  17. Please, this article is not about the name of a city. It’s about a father and daughter who lost their lives. Judging by the other comments, family and friends are coming to this site to pay their respects and express their love for the two souls that were lost, not to read bickering about a name. For the love of all that is good in the world, please respect these people’s memory and take your arguments someplace else. You all have valid points but this is not the place to discuss them. If there is something to be learned from this tragedy, it is that we should love those we hold dear and realize we are all in this world together and we all have things to learn from and teach to one another.

    • SE, this is a blog site, for exchanging of information and opinion. Not a place people come to mourn. I am sure the people that were close to the families could care less. Please stop trying to play the martyr.

      • Any place the family or friends might go to find information on their loved ones or to pay their respects is considered a place to mourn. Would you tell a grieving person to leave a restaurant or get off the side of the road because “it’s not a place to mourn”? More than anything I feel sorry for you, that you could be so passionate about the name of where you live yet so callous as to people’s feelings. I’ll pray for you along with these 2 souls and their friends and family and I honestly mean that with no bad intent or malice whatsoever.

        • Dear SE:

          I agree this ECV person thinkS he/she can run this site and his/her comments and opinions are gospel. He has no right to condemn you for your loving thoughts for those who lost their lives as well as those who loved them.

          This is an open forum and if you feel expressing your grief and condolances help you I think you have every right and I agree it is a horrific outcome of an accident that could have been prevented. Now countless lives are being sadly touched by this event and we all as human beings need this interaction.

          I don’t want you to think we do not suffer for those affected and those who lost their lives; that the name of the city is more important; we actually have been involved with our neighbors for 5 long years trying to get just this type of event prevented. Unfortunately those who run things have their own agenda. But we are not giving up.

          We were at that intersection on Saturday, it is close to our home. It made us outraged that two young lives; yes, the Dad was just a young age too, were lost and it could have been prevented. My heart was breaking as we viewed the aftermath.
          I have grandchildren that travel that highway and our road it scares me to death every time they come here.

          You keep saying what is on your mind; it is still our right who knows how long we will have THAT.



          • Thank you for your post p and I couldn’t agree with you more p. You sound like a very loving and caring grandparent and this accident really struck a cord for me and made me very emotional (even though I don’t know the victims) because I drove by it a few minutes after it happened. I’m a father and was driving with my 2 year old daughter to go see her grandparents in Disco Bay when we saw the accident and the firefighters trying to extract the driver. When I read later on that it was a father and daughter who passed away in the accident my heart sank. I apologize if I seemed over emotional in my previous post but the loss of these 2 souls has just really struck close to home for me. I thank you for your respect, but more importantly for your passion to make these roads safer, which like yourself, I travel with my loved ones everyday. We can all agree that tragedies like these should be prevented at all cost and if that means clearly defining where the accident occurred, so be it. I just didn’t want the focus of the comments and this discussion to turn from these 2 people and their grieving friends and family. I’m sure when things like this happen, we all hold our children, grandchildren, friends, or family a little closer and realize that every moment we get to spend on this Earth with our loved ones is precious and should be appreciated to the fullest.

          • P= Hypocrisy. P has the stones to talk about preaching? Are you friggen kidding me? I think I just threw up a little.

          • All of you… lets stop with the attacks of one another and figure out ways that none of these incidents ever happen again. I don’t want to police this board but I will begin deleting posts if I have to.

          • Actually it looks to me like SE and P are trying to police this board and make up some kind of rule(s). I happen to agree with ECV on this one and think he/she has just as much right to comment on “whatever”, just as SE and P have a right to do the same. Where I see the difference is that P and SE are trying to disqualify an issue by playing the pity card. That itself is pitiful.

            I think we all want to see the roadways in east county be as safe as possible, no matter what city, town or area they are in. In the meantime let people express their opinions and facts as they see fit. That after all is the purpose of a blog.

            A few things are for sure;

            The world will continue to spin, and the Byron/ Disco Bay feud will continue. For some reason the few people in Byron are stuck in the 1900’s. That probably won’t change.

  18. Given the way Byron folks are acting on this page and the great amount of disrespect they are showing I can see why their town has failed to progress and instead regress. What a shame.

  19. Thank you ECV.

    What everyone here is this road Mr. Machado was turing onto is a dangerous short cut created by the improved intersection and these people should never have lost their lives had the POWERS THAT BE that run this county had headed our warnings over the last 5 years.



  20. ps that accident killing 6 people happened in the early 90’s. Our son was a medic and had to check each body for life and found none. Do you think he has forgotten that? NO! Now he has two young adult children that must travel this road and the highway to come and see their grandparents. That is why this is so important that this town add this fatality to their records; maybe we can prevent future losses.

  21. Yes, HWY 4 is a bad road. I myself drive it all the time. We need to keep in mind that everyone has a right to there own opion(s). Accually, every where is a bad place even your own home. We can not predict what is going to happen, it just happens!
    I, also saw the scene after the accident happened as I was on my way home from work. All I could think about was the people that where involved. How they and their families are affected. It brought some tears to my eyes. I hope that Mr. Machado and his daughter RIP! As to the family my preyer’s are with you! Love, Respect and Charish what you have…………

    • Coley,

      You nailed it. I couldn’t have said it better myself!

      Prayers go out to the family and let’s hope we all drive a little more carefully as a result of these tragic accidents.

  22. My big bro beats me up all the time. I tried to tell him the accident was in the Ag Core of the county. I even tried to tell him that Gus Kramer is retired, He just keeps listening to the voices in his head. Glad I got the better genes. Really, that intersection has always been bad. The crossing at Walnut is just as bad too.

    • ECV’s Brother,

      Thanks again for the quick glimpse into your make-believe world. There must be a lot of noise that pointy little head of yours!

      Gus Kramer retired? Really??? Someone might want to tell him because he is still showing up for work every day and collecting a paycheck! Maybe you should also alert his clerks that their boss has retired with out them even knowing. Bro, that is going to be news!!

      Come on little brother, my facts will always trump your delusions. After all, we both know you are from the shallow end of the gene pool.

      Now time to take your meds. There is a seat reserved just for you on the short bus as long as you stop licking the windows. Doesn’t that make you special?

  23. Ughhh I drove by right as it happened and saw that poor little girl hanging outside of the car. It’s the first accident I’ve seen. Drive carefully everyone.

  24. WE have no intention of revealing details to someone who refuses to report the facts. We have 5 years invested in attempting to making our road safe and we are not giving up; especially now that two people lost their lives, it is related!

    Like we said; these two people did not have to die on Saturday. And your refusal to place the accident in the proper town; I don’t care if you call it unincorprated or what ever we know that WEaall live out here, but it is NOT Discovery Bay!!! We are on farm land and we do not have a canal or a boat behind our homes. When you say Discovery Bay you are leading the readers to believe it happened somewhere other than where it did. Mis-reporting like this makes it difficult for the residents trying to fight the County Powers that be; we need all the accurate information we can collect and THIS IS HUGE. Two people died and they didn’t have to that is all you need to know. We are not giving up; because the CHP works with us and we are certain they will give us the proper information to add to the huge file we have worked tirelessly to accumulate. We pray we are successful; if it is due to this horrible incident then maybe we can save others in their name.

    • dpr, I am Teds Aunt and I have been reading this blog all day. I am a firm believer in things happening for a reason. Though my grief is beyond anything I can explain, I was thinking that hopefully this horrible tragedy will lead to saving other lives. I didn’t know this highway had such a bad reputation. I pray that the powers that be take this matter into serious consideration. If there is anything I can do to help, Please let me know.

    • I’ve been following this article since the beginning. DPR, I realize you are passionate about your cause. It appears this cause has something to do with a road in Byron somewhere. Apparently it is dangerous, but since you keep saying “someone died, that is all you need to know,” no one is able to understand your concerns. Are you accumulating some kind of file on all the accidents that are taking place on this particular concerning stretch of road? If so, why can’t you divulge the problems you perceive this area to have? I would sure like to know if a particular street I am likely to drive on has a specific danger known to the local residents (too narrow, undivided, potholes, cattle, etc). Unless they want to keep that issue a secret so there are a lot more accidents to prove their point, which is exactly how you are coming across. You do realize public perception will get a cause greater notice? Right now all I see is someone saying, “There’s a major problem on this road, but I’m not going to tell you what it is. I want to get as many incidents recorded in my file as possible, so I’m not going to tell anyone what the problem is until there are enough to prove my point.” Two people just died. You have a great forum right here to make many in the area aware of your concerns regarding this road and get behind your cause. And you are blowing it royally.

    • @ DPR, et al.,

      Yours is nothing more than an emotional rant with motives unrelated to the loss of the two lives or the “area” of which it took place. It appears you are a confused individual who is trying to use an unfortunate accident for personal benefit. You simply want to chastise Burk and others for refusing to buy into your “opinions” and confusion. The issue is simple; Your opinions are not facts.

      Point one- Posting as “PDR, DRP, P, DSR, p, KMA/DSR, dsrp, dsr, pdr, dp and d”, only makes you look desperate.
      Point two- The name of the area in relation to the accident data of Highway 4, including Marsh Creek Rd has no bearing on your safety position. Highway 4 has already been deemed a hazardous roadway and designated as a safety corridor.
      Point three- How can you not know where Discovery Bay and Byron are located? You are located in neither, but if you live on Marsh Creek Rd, you are closer to Discovery Bay. That is a simple fact and one which you cannot change. By writing; “We do not have a canal or a boat behind our homes” It is obvious you are unaware that a large part of Discovery Bay is not on the water, and furthermore, backs up to Marsh Creek Rd. Byron does not, in reality, it’s not even close.
      And a final point- You wrote; “Mis-reporting like this makes it difficult for the residents trying to fight the County Powers that be; we need all the accurate information we can collect and THIS IS HUGE.” I am wondering, if you really think this is huge and accurate information is important, why do you think you would be able to convince the “County Powers” that be, that you know better? It’s almost like you are insinuating that they don’t know where Byron is? Where Discovery Bay is? Where this intersection is located? Don’t you see how that would be problematic right out of the gate? If you come in with bad information, where does that leave you? I believe that most of us on this message board view this simply as another tragedy on Highway 4-a highway with a dangerous legacy. Steps have been taken by many others to make it safer and from what I have read online they have been largely successful. I remain confused why the location is so important to you? Hidden agenda?

      You also stated; “we actually have been involved with our neighbors for 5 long years trying to get just this type of event prevented. Unfortunately those who run things have their own agenda.”

      So I ask two very simple questions;

      What have you done to get “just this type of event prevented”? What is your agenda?

      Are you aware that neither is a city? That would be a fact. So based on what you wrote, it would appear that you don’t know what you are talking about. Recognize a pattern here?

      These people lost their lives on Highway 4, not Marsh Creek Road. No one is ever going to take you seriously when you try to bend reality as you do. We don’t know the cause of this accident, so why don’t you start by coming clean on your motives? That would be the right thing to do instead of misleading Jaci. Don’t you think her family has suffered enough?

  25. Jaci

    I am sooo sorry for you loss. I hate to think this horrible tragedy will be the defining event that will help us in our endeavor to make our road safe. Although the Highway has been an issue it is the Road your Nephew was turning onto I am referring to. Do you know where your Nephew and his Daughter were heading?

    Please give our condolences to your family and friends. Our prayers are going your way.

    God Bless


    • p
      Thanks. Ted was heading to French Camp. That is where his girlfriend lives. Ki was to attend her prom that night with my daughter Kim in Rio Vista. Needless to say, the prom was canceled midway. I had to tell her sister and my daughter about the accident. If this accident is what it takes to fix that road, then so be it. I am grieving but if there is anything I can do to help this cause please let me know. Again your thoughts are so kind. God Bless you too Jaci

  26. If only Ted had taken highway 4 instead of turining on our Road as a short cut.

    It is just devastating to hear about Kim and the Prom. My Grandson and his Girlfriend went to their JR Prom two weeks ago. Our Granddaughter just turned 21; we and Mom and Dad cringe when they are out driving it just isn’t safe with the texting, cell phones and speed we all are at risk. I am sooo sorry; It just isn’t fair that these two souls left this world way too soon.

    Our prayers are with you all.


    • Pat (P),

      After reading your most recent post I have a few questions. How do you know that the person (Ted?) was turning into your road as a short cut? Has any official CHP accident report been issued and if so why would you have it? I drive through that area often and it appears the accident in question occurred on the Highway-am I looking at the wrong crash site? (While driving up to the intersection I noted a large CalTrans sign which reads “Byron 2 mi”).

      I also notice that you asked for an apology from Burk and another poster, but failed to answer the questions directed to you.

      This whole thing seems suspect.

      • B-WOOD

        This is my last post on this issue. I am really weary of the ignorant comments and condescening attitudes you all possess.

        Mr. Machado was in the South bound ‘turn lane’ and was turing East onto Marsh Creek Raod from Highway 4 when he was struck in the intersection by a AAA tow truck. We do not know who was at fault. If you have been to the site then you can see the CHP markings on the pavement. It is pretty clear what happened.

        That isn’t important what is is the loss of these 2 peoples lives in our community.

        The ‘Byron 2 mi’ is correct. The tiny town of Byron is 2 miles up the road by the railroad tracks. But BYRON is a huge area.

        I have confirmation from the assessors office that others including this Burk person and ECV refuses to acknowledge stating the assessors don’t know what they are talking about. Well we have been paying our taxes under a Byron address for 10 years and our neighbors for even longer. We don’t even have a polling place we have to vote by mail BECAUSE WE AND ALL FOUR CORNERS OF THIS INTERSECTION are in Byron.

        I might add that CCC improved this intersection and then gave it over to Cal Trans.

        • Pdr/Pat,

          I highly doubt that the above was your last post on this issue, if it was then I am worthy of you labeling me ignorant. It is my believe that small minded people often find condescending attitudes in those not sharing their viewpoints.

          I am not sure what happened at the intersection to cause the accident, but apparently you missed the point. I thought it was obvious but apparently not so I will ask it again (a little clearer this time).
          You wrote: “If only Ted had taken highway 4 instead of turning on our Road as a short cut.”
          I asked: “How do you know that the person (Ted?) was turning into your road as a short cut?”

          For clarity I am asking, how you could possibly know that someone from out of town (French Camp) was using Marsh Creek Road as a “Short Cut”. Maybe a better question is, a short cut to where? (I found it strange that you were interjecting the whole “short cut” idea).
          I drive that road now and then and I would never think of using that section of Marsh Creek Rd as a shortcut off of the highway. I’m not convinced it is a short cut to anywhere.
          That is the basis of my question to you. Hopefully that clears it up and you can answer it if you choose.

          As for the exact location of your home address you might want to take that up with the County Board of Supervisors. I believe they have jurisdiction, since you don’t seem to live in a city. I personally would not hang my hat on an opinion from a blog or response to a question via an internet web site.

          I hope this clears things up for you. Sorry if it was condescending.

      • What vagueness of what email? The assessors office and I wrote back and forth and the facts were verified by parcel numbers and maps of this intersection and M C Rd. That is where they concluded that ALL 4 CORNERS OF THAT INTERSECTION IS BYRON! That is what it was on Saturday and that is what it is now!

        What does updating have to do with the present? That is when the accident happened. If your a news reporter then you should care about accurate reporting I already told you that.

        It seems you are stuck in the same groove as ECV since you choose to side with his rants to me and others as not bullying. Telling someone not to post mournful emails? REALLY????

        Shame on you.

      • Hey All, I came upon this blog on accident just looking for information on how my Ted and Ki died. Call it weird but I needed to know something. First of all Id like to thank everyone for their heart felt messages. I am so touched by strangers that don’t even know us saying things like RI
        P, God Bless, Prayers your way. When you go through something like this you don’t realize how many people are affected. I pray for the tow truck driver and the passenger and every one that saw this horrible accident. My only solice is that I know Ki went instantly and I want to thank everyone that tried to save Ted. God Bless You All

  27. ATTN;

    To put the issue of in what town this accident occur please see the email below from the inquiry I sent to the assessors office. I think it is pretty clear they know what they are talking about they sent me a map as well.



    From: Pat [mailto: ccc assessors office
    Sent: Wednesday, May 08, 2013 9:49 AM
    To: Greg Codori
    Subject: Re: Question
    Importance: High

    In what city is the Intersection on Highway 4 and the Eastern most end of Marsh Creen Road.

    Thank you for a reponse by email.


    —– Original Message —–
    From: Greg Codori
    To: Pat
    Sent: Wednesday, May 08, 2013 10:10 AM
    Subject: RE: Question

    All four sides of this intersection is Byron.

    —– Original Message —–
    From: “Robin Cantu”
    To: “Pat
    Sent: Wednesday, May 08, 2013 11:55 AM
    Subject: RE: Question

    Your question was forwarded to a staff member for response to you.
    You should receive a response today.
    Robin Cantu
    Assessor’s Customer Services Coordinator
    Contra Costa County Assessor’s Office
    2530 Arnold Drive, Suite 400, Martinez, CA 94553-4395
    Phone: (925) 313-7507 Fax: (925) 313-7660


    • Pat,

      Please relax a bit, we are talking about unincorporated Contra Costa County where the records have not been updated for decades. It has been brought to my attention, very possibly, misinformation provided to you based off the vagueness of your email.

      Don’t be surprised if you see a correction shortly.

      On a positive note, at the very least, the county can begin updating their records which is a benefit to your cause and the rest of the county.

  28. BURK/ECV



    —– Original Message —–
    From: Pat
    To: [email protected]
    Sent: Tuesday, May 07, 2013 3:49 PM
    Subject: Question


    Can you please email me the answer to this question.

    In what City is the Intersection of Highway 4/Byron Highway and the Eastern most section of Marsh Creek Road (This section of Marsh Creek Rd. is Between Highway 4 (intersection) and Bixler)

    It is really important.

    Thank you for your time


    • Pat,

      Not sure what the final ruling is on this but you may want to check back with the assessor.

      Neither Discovery Bay or Byron was or is a City. The closest “City” to that location is Brentwood, and I believe if you reside there, your zip code reflects this.

      Hopefully you got an answer to your question, as for me I’m still waiting.

  29. I think the point has beeen lost that we need to understand what happened and how can it be avoided in the future. But the road is not dangerous it is the drivers on the road that make it dangerous to travel by not obeying traffic laws. Because of this 2 people lost their lives long before their time. But it is still important to find out what went wrong so that it doesn’t happen again. Whether that means more patrols on the road to prevent reckless driving or this horrible accident making all of us rethink how we act behind the wheel and to be more cautious when we drive. We never know when something we do can effect somebody else on the road.

  30. You are exactly the kind of person we DO NOT WANT; you are a condescending bully and it is none of your business what our agenda is. It is obvious you did not get my recent post; a copy of an email from the county assessors office stating all four corners of that intersection are BYRON!


    Our concerns are valid and our business and will be made public at the appropriate time. Now stop including me in your rants.

    • pdr, etcetera,

      Exactly what are you saying? You seem to shout in circles? It is everyone’s business when you post on a public forum regarding your views especially when you are incorrect with your assumptions and opinions.

      Additionally I have been made aware that the reply you received from the assessor’s office was not correct in the context you were hoping for. I believe a correction or clarification will be issued, so I’ll save my apology. For starters you should probably take your concerns up with the county district supervisors since they are the ones responsible for setting community boundaries. While you are doing that, you might want to talk to Caltrans about that huge sign at the intersection that puts Byron at least 2 miles away (thanks B-Wood for posting that!). I am sure they have internet, phones and staff and would be very happy to educate you.

      I really didn’t think this would ever have to be said, but for you I’ll make an exception. Stop posting on the internet, and a public forum if you don’t want comments directed back at incorrect information that you are offering.

      You are in no position to suggesting harassment-especially when you have played so loose with the facts. You are also the same individual that insists on internet screaming by typing in all caps which is considered shouting when it comes to online etiquette. (Sometimes called “Netiquette”.) My correcting you with facts does not “border” on harassment and if you don’t like being corrected you have the right to ignore it. Plain and simple, it is your choice to read, write and respond. Get over it.

      Of course your own concerns are valid to you. That was never a question.
      I asked you what your agenda was? Not a particularly complicated question. I am sure I am not the only that has noticed you avoided the answer. You are welcome to clear the air and answer it at any time. Until then, you are exchanging nothing but hot air and wasting key strokes.

  31. vagueness of what email? The assessors office and I wrote back and forth and the facts were verified by parcel numbers and maps of this intersection and M C Rd. That is where they concluded that ALL 4 CORNERS OF THAT INTERSECTION IS BYRON! That is what it was on Saturday and that is what it is now!

    What does updating have to do with the present? That is when the accident happened. If your a news reporter then you should care about accurate reporting I already told you that.

    It seems you are stuck in the same groove as ECV since you choose to side with his rants to me and others as not bullying. Telling someone not to post mournful emails? REALLY????

    Shame on you.

  32. Ki was one of my best friends and I read this article and comments for helpful information on all that happened. If anyone has any details as to how the crash happened or how ki died, I’d like to hear.

  33. B-Wood

    What is wrong with you people? Let’s be literal. IT IS A TOWN THEN.

    We have no choice about our zip code the USPO put us in the Brentwood PO because the BYRON PO on Bixler ended up in the Discovery Bay annex. WE LIVE IN BYRON THE ASSESSORS OFFCIE WROTE ME AND CONFIRMED IT YESTERDAY And yet you people continue to put you two cents in and you don’t know what your talking about. Even Mike Burk, who should know, claims the records are out-dated intead if admitting he was wrong in reporting where this accident occured.

    —– Original Message —–
    From: Greg Codori ccc Assessors Office
    To: Pat
    Sent: Wednesday, May 08, 2013 10:10 AM
    Subject: RE: Question

    All four sides of this intersection is Byron.



    ON Saturday this intersection was in Vyron, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Today and all the days into the future until someone tells us differt. We pay our taxes based on a Byron Address.

    Does that clear it up or are you going to keep going on and on about it?

  34. Byron, Typo, don’t want any comments about that. I am not writing a Thesis so don’t write me about mispelled words

  35. Hi Jaci

    I am just writing to see how you and your family and friends are doing. I know the heartbreak and the feeling of helplessness that follows such a tragedy.
    It concerns me to see the young friends of Ki posting; they are so vunerable I hope they have alot of support. Our youngest Grandson is 17 so we get it.

    We have experienced 8 losses (all of my family within 5 months two brothers my sister and her husband) 4 very close friends , one took her life because she couldn’t bear the loss of our mutural friend just in the last 3 years and I understand the hole that is in your life right now. Just remember God never gives us more than we can handle. I try to lean on my faith and trust in God’s plan. It isn’t easy.

    If it is ok with you I would like to call you in a few weeks when things ease up. You left you number on a previous mssg. but I will not call without your o.k.

    With Love and our Deep Sympathy


    • Hi Pat, We are all devastated. Its like a wave, one minute your ok, then BAM it hits you again. If it weren’t for my faith I don’t think I could handle this. Sure you can call me. The heart felt thoughts and prayers on this blog have been so nice and very touching.
      One day at a time

      • Hi Jaci

        I know the feeling it is surreal. I think that is how we get through it.

        When I was 21 I was 7 months along with our Son (who ended up being a paramedic and saved countless lives and saw things I could never imagine)during a flash rain storm in August my parents went over a cliff on their way to Carson City. On our way up there with our 3 year old Daughter I found out my Mother had died while I was standing in a phone booth in Sacramento. Of all the people I have lost over the years that stay’s with me like it was yesterday. My Son never knew his grandmother and she was a wonderful Nana. Life is just not fair and it is hard. I really think we live our Hell on earth. There has to be something better.

        Hold on to your memories and keep them alive it helps.


        Hang on to your loved ones and friends reaching out is so important.

        I will be thinking of you Monday.

        Write me if you need to talk.


        • Pat,
          You are so sweet and Thank You for the support. Im not looking forward to Monday, but we will get through it. Oh the memories are awesome. And YES there is something better 🙂

  36. Bloggers,

    I have been watching this blog since Sunday and have been holding my comments until I could obtain facts about this tragedy.

    Although blogs are a sounding board of public opinion I am stunned to see the way ECV, B-Wood and Mike Burks’ continous rude responses to one blogger (Pat) who has only attempted to correct the incorrect information given by the reporter in his story. It seems obvious it is an important factor to an important cause.

    A reporter who refuses to report the facts of this accident because of pride or being unable to admit a wrong should re-think his/her profession. There seems to be a moral issue here yet all three bloggers are intent on disrespectful comments instead of seeing the importance this person places on this terrible tragedy. Mr. Burk even stated he picked the closest ‘City’; Discovery Bay is not a City. We have way too much misinformation fed to us in the media as it is.

    Accounts of this accident were accurately reported on Major news stations in the Bay Area like Channel 2 News and KRON 4 News. Kron 4 news came to the scene and actually interviewed the CHP on the day of the accident. The CHP officer noted the accident occured at the Intersection of Highway 4 and Marsh Creek Road in Byron. The news reporter signed off saying’ this is *reporter* KRON 4 News reporting live from Byron.

    The good thing is these people who are obviously fighting for some sort of safety issue can rely on that reporting which is more reliable. I think Pat should take comfort in that because she got no where in this forum.

    It seems WHERE it happened IS as important as WHY it happened. Especially if there seems to be an ongoing safety issue some local residents seem to be trying to get addressed. That seems to have been dismissed in a rude way by all three of the bloggers which, to me, makes it seem like lost lives are not worth preventing and they are more intent on being right instead of validating the efforts of this group. Maybe if one of these three bloggers had lost a relative or friend in this accident they might see things differently.

    If you were part of a group who has worked for 5 years (as stated by Pat) towards improved safety with no one willing to hear or act on their pleas and then have two people die as a result, would you not be outraged?

    In reading the blogs I get the indication this accident might have been prevented and I don’t think these three bloggers are being fair in insisting on facts from Pat that may compromise 5 years of working toward what ever goal they may have.

    And, those who have been making rude and ignorant comments have been insisting on those details. If I had been spoken to in the way Pat was I would never disclose anything to these individuals. They certainly do not have a positive agenda and I am sure these residents do not want negativity infused into their endeavors.

    I just spoke with the CHP in Martinez to get the facts of this accident and where it happened according to their report. The blogger who has been trying to make the point of this accident being reported in the correct area is right and they way this blogger has been mistreated is something this site should not have let happen. Yet I see that Mike Burk, who obviously manages this site and who wrote the story incorrectly, is siding with these two other bloggers inflamatory comments, when he should remain unbiased and correct his story to reflect the truth.

    I just spoke to the Assessors office and, in spite of Mr. Burk’s comments, there is no immediate plan to update what Mr. Burk calls outdated records and boundries. The spokes person at the Assessors office confirmed all 4 corners of the Intersection on Higheway 4 and Marsh Creek Road are located in Byron (not Discovery Bay). And, there is no plan to change that.

    I do not understand why Mr. Burk insists on calling it just an unincorporated area to side step the fact he did not report the facts and take responsibility. Should he have reported this accident happened in an unincorporated area of Contra Costa County then? That would pinpoint it right?

    I choose not post the detailed accounts of the accident and who ultimately violated traffic safty laws. Anyone who wishes this information can contact the CHP in Martinez.

    The fact remains, no matter who made this poor judgement resulting in this accident, two lives were lost. Unfortunately we are all human and make mistakes. Sadly this one can’t be taken back and I can understand the outrage Pat feels about these lost lives and the impact on everyone who knew them. It seems to me everyone should rally to help any one or any group who is working to prevent this type of tragedy not condemn them with rude comments.

    A Man on the side of ‘Safety’ and Fairness

    • @Dr. Don,

      You sure spent a lot of time spinning that yarn. I checked up on it and you. You wasted your time.

      It is all a valant effort at hyperbole and not even worth a response. Nice try.

      Hope that wasn’t to harsh for you.

    • Don,

      You think your pretty clever don’t you? You say you spoke to CHP, yet you list no contact names or when you called. You say you can’t post because it would violate traffic safety laws, when in fact, if that were true, CHP would never have told you details of this incident.

      Also, you say you spoke with County Assessor’s Office, again I ask who? Did you happen to ask when they last updated the maps? The answer would shock you. For the record, it’s not the County Assessor’s office who would change borders, but rather CoCo Supervisors with LAFCO. Assessors simply assign the parcels for tax purposes known as Tax Rate Areas or TRA’s.

      In fact, it has been reported to me that Greg’s supervisor was aware of the error that was sent and I will follow up in the near future with an additional article devoted to that subject. Pat should have identified why she was asking and stated she was going to share it for a more thorough explanation. The assessor’s office was not too pleased that Pat misused the information provided. I’ve also talked to a former Discovery Bay and LAFCO official who stated this was this was unincorporated Contra Costa County and confirmed its closer to Discovery Bay. The reality is, as I’ve already stated, this happened in unincorporated Contra Costa and I used Discovery Bay as the closest town to identify the location.

      Again, Marsh Creek Road does not go into Byron.

      Yes, I admit I used “city” in a comment instead of “town”, the article however stated neither. That is not necessarily misinformation being reported, but rather a discussion in the comment section—folks on here who you are defending couldn’t even spell Byron. I could then shoot back at your for referring to people in the comment section as “bloggers” instead of “commentators”, but I won’t. We all misspeak/mistype at times; it’s not the end of the world.

      Finally, I’d also like to address the rudeness comment, I was far from rude. The fact is, you’re probably a friend of Pat, which is fine, but what gives her the credentials to tackle safety and be the expect on Marsh Creek Road or Byron Highway or shout at other posters. Is it just because she lives there and makes observations? She has never identified the work she has done or progress she has apparently made in five years’ time. What is her end goal? Again, never stated or answered. If it’s a good goal, I’d love to even do a story on it and support her in that effort—but it’s never been shared.

  37. Dr. Don, there can be no doubt after that post that you are indeed a card-carrying, t-shirt wearing idiot.

    Brow beating the people at the Assessor’s office would be consistent with your M.O. of carpeting bombing various county offices with unending records requests. I seem to recall you being rebuffed repeatedly on or about Apr 11, 13 and 16 when you went hounding the medical people. It would appear since you didn’t get the pat on the head you so desperately seek there, that you have moved on to annoy others to satisfy your psychosis.

    For both you and Pat, here’s a simple question: what on God’s Green Earth does the Assessor have to do with safety improvements on a highway? They don’t compile accident data. It’s not their job. They do, however, continue to send out property tax bills to Discovery Bay residents with incorrect zip codes on them 6 years after it was officially changed. What does yours say, Don?

    But that’s your source for authoritative information?

    If you, as you claim, called a CHP representative and obtained detailed information not yet public about this incident, I would like to have names. What is the CHP doing providing such details to some shirt tail tugging yahoo like you? Especially over an incident involving multiple fatalities and potential liabilities? Personally I think you made that up, something which you do quite frequently because you assume no one will call you on it. It’s no mystery why local officials(and I’m not talking the ones you regularly stalk) can so easily, and unsolicited, put the phrase “pathological liar” in the same sentence with your name.

    On this completely ridiculous argument of the location of the site and its impact on public safety. Shut up already! You people don’t show a lick of common sense or logic. To actually suggest that labeling this as happening in Byron makes a bit of difference in safety improvement would NEVER pass the smell test. You are completely bullsheeting the readers and exploiting an unfortunate tragedy. Pat because she’s got some secret file she’s building and some secret agenda that no one can hear about and Don just because he likes being a Putz……regularly.

    Highway 4 is already designated a safety corridor in that area! Are you thinking this Byron BS campaign will make a super secret squirrel safety corridor? Where in the hell are you going with this? Any objective person reading this crap would, and rightly so, think you are all off your nut.

    Get a life, people. Find something better to do with your time than this sociopathic garbage campaign you’re running. You’re trampling the memory of two human beings with your little games and personal agendas.

    Don, you should stick to sitting on 5 gal buckets outside Safeway with your sad-sack pity party campaigns. The visual alone is a gem and one for the archives. Your contributions lower the IQ of any discussion of local issues and this one was no different.

  38. Hi Jaci

    We had to run an errand yesterday and I thought you would like to know there are flowers and actual framed photos of Ted and Kiana at the scene. Kiana was a lovely young woman and her Dad much too young. It certainly brings reality.

    Did they know people who live here or have other family here? Rio Vista and French Camp are pretty far from here so we thought they might be visiting someone.

    If you feel comfortable can you leave your email address here so I can write you privately. If you don’t want to thats ok. I can’t call you I came down with horrible bronchitas yesterday and I have no voice and won’t for a week. I haven’t been sick since my 2 Brothers passed away in Feb. 06. I am not happy! lol.

    I will watch for your reply; then I am thinking of unsubscribing to this site;

    I just can’t stop thinking about you and seeing those photographs broke my heart.

    Hang in there, hope to hear back from you.



  39. I am a friend of Ted and Kianna. It’s been 11 days since the accident and I still am having a hard time wrapping my head around what happened at this intersection of Byron Hwy and Marsh Creek road. I can’t imagine anyone, much less Ted, pulling in front of a tow truck traveling at 50mph. He was a very safe driver. How fast was the truck really going? How could they have not seen each other? What are the conditions at this light that everyone from the area are worried about and want to improve? WHAT HAPPENED?

  40. its nice to see all the people who cared and tried to get ted out of there… ki has been my best friend for years and i miss her dearly. i was supposed to attend prom that night but was too sick so i stayed home. when i received a text from my friend i thought it was a sick joke and i really wish it was. she was such a beautiful and funny person…. i love you Ki!!!! miss you forever R.I.P.

  41. Thinking of you often and each time I see the memorial. Do you know why Ted and Kianna were out this way? Did they have family near by ?

    Hang in there!

  42. Everyone needs to slow down out there and leave some room. I drive that part of road/hwy/street regularly and many people are driving WAAAY over the speed limit. People are making life changing, split second decisions when driving way too fast and its causing deaths. I would be amazed if that tow truck driver was really only going 50mph. I have been tailgated by tow trucks on Hwy 4 (not in this area of Hwy 4) when I’m going 75mph in the fast lane!! Why am I going 75mph? Because thats going with the flow these days, and inevitably someone (often in a truck) will be tailgating me! Slow down people and leave some room…teach your kids too. R.I.P. Kianna and Ted, didn’t know you, but you were obviously loved.

  43. Kianna Machado was one of the greatest people in anyone’s life here in Rio Vista. She was the most unique individual and could make anyone laugh. She embraced every flaw about anyone she met and was full of life and love. The fact that she and her father had to die like this is truly a tragedy. God Bless you Kianna and Theodore Machado.

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