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Oakley: Dan’s Delta Outdoors to Host Grand Opening Celebration

by ECT

Oakley will have a new fishing and tackle shop as Dans Delta Outdoors officially opens its doors this weekend with its Grand Opening Celebration.

Dan Mathisen recently purchased the shop in late May and has been working to revamp its offerings.

Dan Mathisen, owner of Dans Delta Outdoors in Oakley

Dan Mathisen, owner of Dans Delta Outdoors in Oakley

“For me being on the delta my whole life and writing for the Ledger, we needed a place for families to focus on to come out and enjoy the river and learn how to fish it. That is my goal, we want to have a place for everybody from the tournament angler to the family fisherman so they can come out have fun and enjoy,” explained Mathisen.

It didn’t hit Matthisen that he owned his own tackle shop on the Delta until his son called him on the first day saying he hoped to share his love of fishing with others.

“It was a shock, my son called me and said can you believe you own a tackle shop on the river and I said no I can’t. There is a real need for quality information and instructional stuff in a private shop,” explained Mathisen. “We are not a big box shop, we are hear for service and bringing that service back to the river will bring more people out here and get more kids fishing.:”

Dans Delta Outdoors is located at 1625 Main Street in Oakley and will host a series of seminars, drawings, special prizes and much more. The store will sell a lot more bait than it has before and while it still will be focused on black bass, the store will carry more items for all types of Delta fishing.

The schedule includes:

  • 12:00 pm Capt Stan Koenigsberger Striper Bait Fishing Tactics
  • 1:00 pm Tom Sawyer Style Bluegill and Crappie for kids Dan
  • 2:00 pm Capt Stan Koenigsberger Striper Trolling
  • 3:00 pm Delta Salmon Silvertron Tactics
  • 4:00 pm WAFT Rods technology for today’s Anglers
  • 5:00 pm Bass Angler Magazine’s Mark Lassange
  • 6:00 Delta specialist Bobby Barrack

Mathisen says he hopes others can share in his love of fishing and the Delta because he has been doing it for more than 50-years.

“I grew up fishing with my grandfather. We fished the Delta growing up 50-years-ago. That love there combined with my grandfather who was a guide on the river and the lakes, I didn’t have a choice to love fishing, I just did it and what a blessing it’s been,” said Mathisen.

He proclaims fishing is for anyone of any age or ability.

“Fishing is different than other sports because it allows you to be in nature and seeing his creation around you and being able to adapt to that and learn from that. I don’t care if you have been fishing a day or 100-years, if you open your mind to it, you will see new things and learn every time out. That is the fun part of it,” explained Mathisen.

He says the Delta attracts a lot of fisherman for many reasons but says there is room for everyone to enjoy the Delta as well as what Oakley has to offer.

waft-fishing-rod“The Delta attracts a lot of fisherman, especially the black bass, one of the best black bass fisheries in the world, the striper fishing side we have been up and down with a lot of changes. But there are so many fish that travel through the Delta, salmon, stripers, sturgeon, they are here all the time and there is something for everybody. Then you add the warm weather fish of catfish and bluegill and you have a tremendous fishery available for everybody,” explained Mathisen.

The stores opening will work in synergy with what is trying to be achieved with the new Big Break Marina undertaking, other local fishing stores and many marinas’ in the area with one goal in mind which is to bring people to Oakley and East Contra Costa to fish.

“The new ownership at Big Break is exciting. Big Break went through years of under care and the new ownership group is really wanting to clean it up and bring things back to Oakley and that is a perfect scenario for all the business in town because instead of driving through to another location, they are staying here,” explained Mathisen. “ Now the restaurants like Black Bear Diner with Jimmy D’Amico and his team, gas stations, and hotels will all be able to get more business. We are the best fishery in the world; why not keep it here in Oakley?”

He further highlighted how great the local Marina’s are highlighting Lauritzen Yacht Harbor and Driftwood Marina.

Chris Lauritzen has stood by me for 25-years I have fished out of that place, what a great facility, clean family facility. Lauritzen’s is awesome. As far as keeping your boat in the water, you can’t beat Driftwood Marina. They do a great job of berthing and keeping it clean,” said Mathisen.

Fishing-TackleAs for the store itself, Mathisen explains there is a lot of products that anglers do not see on the west coast that are primarily suited for here from Louisiana Delta products. He says the store will offer a different look and give people more options about what will work in the Delta saying it’s not always about the sale.

“We have seen a lot of stores carry all kinds of stuff but only 15% applied here. We are focusing on what works here from all different kind of manufactures,” said Mathisen. “We are staying focused on the Bay Delta and salmon stuff. We are going to continue to grow because this where we live. We also will provide fishing pole maintenance as well as rod and reel repairs.

Most importantly, the store will focus on customer services and communication.

“It’s not always about the sale, it’s about customer service and communication. I am not going to sit here and speak about how great of fisherman I am, I am going to listen to you and help you get through what you are learning and what you want to achieve. It’s not about us, it’s about our customers and their goals. If you want to just talk fishing, come on in and lets chat,” said Mathisen.

He also encouraged those who have never tried fishing whether it be they never got around to it or are intimidated by it to come down and chat.

waft-bullet-proof-rod“Whether it’s your first time fishing or done it for a lifetime, come on in because we want to help you out. There is no embarrassing question, we want to help you get started,” said Mathisen. “We want to help you become better and don’t be intimidated by the guy with the $100,000 boat when you pull up with an aluminum boat. It doesn’t matter because we are all going to enjoy the river together.”

In the future, the store is going to work on putting on seminars and creating a fishing tournament circuit centered around Oakley.

“The fishing and outdoor industry has been a part of East County forever and to be able to be a part of that and help it grow and make Oakley a destination whether you are hunting or fishing or what shop you go to, it really doesn’t matter. We are bringing them to Oakley, we want Oakley to be the center of attention because they have the best fishing in the world,” said Mathisen. “What a blessing to be here in Oakley and do something I’ve loved to do for years. There is plenty to do here on the river and it’s exciting to be a part of it and help others.”

Store Hours:

  • Monday – Thursday:  8-6pm
  • Friday-Saturday: 6am to 6pm
  • Sunday’s: 6am to 3pm

For more information about the store, you can visit them on Facebook or call (925) 234-4694


 WAFT Fishing

Dans Outdoor Delta also is the distributer for WAFT Products who are a Premium Fishing Rod Manufacturer in South Africa for the last 30 years, we cater for the extreme and pressured conditions in this country. WAFT Performance products mainly catered for the domestic and the OEM Market, covering some major Japanese brands specializing in Saltwater, Carp and Bass.

WAFT Development Products have recently set up a new advanced manufacturing facility in Japan, to service domestic and international markets.

According to Matthisen, , it’s a very technical bass fishing line that has a price range for everyone starting at $99 and go to $289. He says you are going to see some of these rods that are built under some of the biggest names in bass fishing. The US Distribution for WAFT is right in Oakley.

For more information on WAFT Fishing, visit them online at www.waftfishing.com or visit Dans Outdoor Delta.


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