More than 400 Attend Brentwood Library Drag Queen Storytime Event


The February 11 Drag Queen Storytime hosted by the Brentwood Library brought our more than 400 people in support of the event at the Brentwood Community.

The packed room had more than 400 people in attendance to support the event where drag queen Bella Aldama entertained the crowed with a song followed by reading three children’s books.

Still, some did not agree with the event with a group of around 25 outside hosting a prayer circle while at least two people protested across the street urging people to boycott the event.

Brentwood police had about 6 officers on hand as a precaution after the event announcement sparked controversy online where more than 1200 comments were posted both supporting and against the event.

Previously, Aldama explained that Drag Queen Story Hour is reading a children’s book about diversity.

“Drag Queen Story Hour is an event that has been created to raise awareness for kids and families through literature. There is nothing wrong with reading a children’s book that display diversity and different gender identities,” said Aldama.  “We are all different and everyone deserves respect and love. We are not trying to teach or brainwash anybody. Drag is just a form of gender expression.”

Aldama added.

“I am really excited and thankful to visit the Brentwood Library. I know that many people might be opposed to this event. At the end of the day, we will take home a message of inclusiveness, self-acceptance and self-love,” said Aldama.

Brooke Converse, spokesperson for the library system, explained the event is not aimed to push an agenda or showcase drag in general, but rather it is just a performance.

“We stand by the event,” said Converse. “Part of the misunderstanding is what the event is and isn’t, this person is a performer who will sit and read to kids. It’s just a person in costume and reads books to kids about being inclusive and love. They may have a few laughs and that is it.”

This was the third event Aldama has performed at a county library and hopes to perform at more in the future.


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Feb 14

  • 10:30 am – Stay & Play for All Ages
  • 11:30 am – All Ages Storytime
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Feb 16

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  1. If they have to waste taxpayer dollars by having 6 officers on hand at a library event, it’s an event that shouldn’t happen. I’ve never heard of officers on hand at a library event. Unbelievable.

    • Nick, they were there because of the protesters, not the event itself. Kids are very observant and most probably picked up on the puritanical insanity of the protesters, meanwhile oblivious that it was someone in drag reading them a book.

      • I know it’s because of protesters. But it’s still a waste of taxpayer money. A “real” event at the library won’t attract protesters. It’s a library in the suburbs, not Castro St.

    • They had to have 6 officers on hand because of the homophobic idiots in our society. Don’t like something, don’t attend.

    • And for an ugly one. They should have gotten one from the Asia Sf club. Asia Sf have better looking drags. Brentwood just went to the homeless shelter and dressed up some ugly bum for publicity. Brentwood used to full of hard working farmers that were respected now it is full of Fucking hippie but jobs. Fuck the LGBQT!!! God hates fags

  2. what a wonderfully inclusive opportunity for all who were willing to accept it for what it was; someone was reading to children about acceptance. i applaud Brentwood Library, and Bella Aldama for this.

  3. The question is, Why ? A huge percentage of those kids have no idea what a drag queen is. After the event I wonder how many parents explained to their kids what a drag queen actually is. At those young ages they still will not understand. It is all fun and games.This was more for conditioning parents. This is today’s education to condition people to a specific thinking. It looked like alot of fun for children and entertainment for adults.

    • I assure you that just like me many others would’ve joined the other 25 people outside if I had known of this atrocity. I have a two kids and I rather take them to a real cultural event than this. It’s embarrassing what this society has come to.

  4. Teaching moral decay to young children. Pushing that agenda again. Since when is sexual perversion to be embraced as a natural way. Satan is alive and well in our world. Making things evil to look normal and to persecute those who oppose the evil. My rock and my stronghold is Jesus, and I hang on for dear life.

    • We took our kids to the EXPLORATORIUM in San Francisco and they had a blast! No weirdos or freaks around. I guess now we know that there are at least 400 freak-accepting people in Brentwood. Actually, 400 is not hat many and that’s fortunate. If 1000 had shown up, that would be a slight dent.

  5. Agree with Nick. A library should not be used for controversial and political issues and events.

  6. This is absolutely disgusting!
    These so called parents are brainwashing their own children. I for one was out there protesting and was sickened to see this perversion in our city. I pray these parents repent and seek God. My heart breaks for these children who are being taught that this is acceptable. Read your Bibles, this is not ok!
    Im begging you parents, wake up and start attending a Good bible based church instead of dragging your innocent children to such a disturbing event.

  7. I find it very interesting that this article didn’t mention what three books were read to the children and in the video posted they cut out the first book that was read: I am Jazz. Why not tell all the facts and let the families decide on their own if an agenda was being pushed?

  8. I thought this was a book reading?? What was with the perverted dancing?? I’m surprised those parents didn’t allow their children to put money in his panies.

  9. I heard the next two new streets in Brentwood are going to be named Polk and Castro. How could Mayer Bob allow this crap. People moved out to Brentwood to get away from all this Bay Are shit.

    • Yes! We did move from San Francisco to the east bay primarily to get away from the crap! But like a bad smell, it’s following us here.

  10. Couldn’t the Drag “Queen” find a better wig to buy? This one looked like something someone dumped in a thrift shop back in the 1960’s.

  11. That jockstrap must have been TIGHT! How many socks did he stuff into his bra? How about the baritone voice? I can just hear some kid ask, “Why does she have such a deep voice?” Where was his boa scarf?

    • That’s hysterical! Thanks for the laugh! You’d think a tight jackstrap would give him a higher pitched voice?

  12. I am a gay male and I would not be comfortable going to something like this. I wish there were more conservative gays like myself. but for some reason they follow the crazy left ideas . I also do not agree with transgender and I wish they were their own separate group.

  13. A friend who went to this event to take pictures of the audience members said that some of the kids were confused and heard one ask, “Daddy? Why is that man wearing women’s clothing and an ugly wig?”

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