Military Veterans Protesting “The Butler” Asked to Leave Streets of Brentwood


Friday afternoon, four military veterans protesting Jane Fonda playing Nancy Regan in the “The Butler” were asked to leave the Streets of Brentwood by management.  The protest lasted about 30-minutes and ended without incident.

While we understand the Streets of Brentwood did not want a “negative reflection on the property”, asking military veterans to leave is probably not a good idea if they wish to not have a “negative reflection” on themselves.

Here is the recap via Steve Lopez Todd

This was the 30 minute protest today at the Streets of Brentwood. Four veterans were protesting Jane Fonda playing Nancy Regan in the new movie “The Butler” which opened today at AMC 14. Jane Fonda, is also known as (Hanoi Jane), a communist sympathizer.

The Veterans were approached by the Streets of Brentwood security officer, and then the Property Manager. She asked if they were protesting the Streets of Brentwood or the theatre. The Property Manager was told that they were not protesting the Streets or any business’s, just protesting Jane Fonda playing the role of Nancy Regan in the movie “The Butler”.

They were informed by the Property Manager that she understood their cause but she told them they had to leave because she cannot have any negative reflection on the property and as the Manager they had to leave. Several persons walking by verbally supported the protest. There was no negativity towards the Manager or Security staff and the group left.

Photo provided by Steve Lopez Todd


  1. Shame….not only will I NOT see a Jane Fonda movie, I won’t shop at that mall again either..They didn’t want negative?

  2. This property manager is no better than the a**holes who spat in the faces of soldiers returning from Vietnam. I hope that these Heroes bring charges against the property management for violating their 1st Amendment right to free speech and peaceful assembly.
    God Bless our military, fallen, serving, discharged and retired.

  3. Jane Fonda as Nancy Regan is a slap in the face.

    Free speech is of course their right HOWEVER the business has the right to DO business that isn’t illegal. Each of us has to make our own choice.

    The business was within their right to ask them to leave and as calm adults they did.

  4. They can go stand on the sidewalk on Sand Creek. I believe sidewalks are considered public property. Never like or respected Jane Fonda.

  5. Even though it is private property, it is open to the public so the Veterans have every right to be there and exercise their 1st amendment right! The property manager has opened the owners up to a civil legal action for violating the Veterans civil rights. If this is how the: “Streets of Brentwood” treats our U.S. VETERANS, we won’t be going to the “Streets of Brentwood” FOR ANY SERVICES!!!!
    respectfully submitted: William (Bill) Klug (Desert Storm Veteran)

  6. Shameful! I hope that property manager looses her job. Until then, I will no longer spend any money at the Steets

  7. Jane Fonda is a traitor, and had absolutely no business with that role. Anyone who lived through the 60s and had a loved one in Viet Nam, as I did will understand this. I will NEVER see that movie and now I will not shop the Streets of Brentwood.again. Shame on them.

  8. I wouldn’t take it to personally on the manager. Although this looks bad on her part, she is not trying to disrespect anyone and is stuck in a hard spot. Blame the corporate mentality if anything that propagates profit & appearances more than humanity. Some of these management people are purposely vile, others though are so stuck in that world striving to succeed that history (one which they may not even be aware of) takes a back seat.

    • Eric, The manager is not “stuck in a hard spot”… she is the manager for a reason. She should know better, and be accountable for her actions. People like you who blame “corporate america” and other people for an individuals problems, are the reason people think they can do whatever they want, and just blame someone else when they get caught. Ignorance is not an excuse for breaking the law or violating the constitution. She messed up royally! and should apologize before she & the “streets” get sued!

      • Many people are in positions for reasons other than they are qualified or deserve to be. That is a fact. The US as a whole is below average on history & world events. That is a fact. This problem only increasing as the population increases & education standards decrease. Go ask 100 people to answer who Hanoi Jane is & point to Vietnam on a map. The results will be disappointing. Now this may not be the case with her but is a possibility. All I am saying is her actions may not be to purposely disrespect nor may she be aware of how disrespectful they come across as. You cannot assume you know what someone else knows

  9. If you disagree with the actions, post to the businesses and let them know you won’t be coming by to shop there. The movie makers were looking for that type of publicity.

  10. Folks, put aside (for a second) the fact that they had the right to protest and did so peacefully. No one is disputing that. But this “protest” (really? Against casting a character in a fictional period piece?) is extremely misplaced. The studio makes those decisions, not the theater and certainly not the Streets, which happens to house the theaters. The protesters clearly got what they wanted; attention and press for their cause. Does one really believe that a five-person conversation outside at the streets warrants a second glance, let alone multiple photos as if there is a big scandal going on? It appears staged, and if that’s the case, the manager walked into a situation purposefully built for it to happen. THAT would be shameful.

    Bless our veterans and those who currently serve. I did not have that honor, but respect their service and the freedoms it provides.

    • This movie is about a White House Butler, NOT Jane Fonda. I didn’t hear Mrs. Reagan complaining…
      Get over it!

  11. Ellen & Justamovie, You’re missing the point, because you can’t see past your liberal point of view.
    These Veterans were asked to leave, they were denied their 1st Amendment Rights. The property manager had no legal standing to make them leave, however used her authority as property manager, and used security to intimidate the Vet’s into leaving.
    You both have a right to run your uneducated mouths on this site, and have done so. Nobody has asked you to leave.

    • I did not say they didn’t have a right to protest, I was trying to point out the REASON for the protest. IMHO, one had nothing to do with the other. Jane was in the movie….not the star, but a bit part, the movie was about a butler, NOT Jane Fonda.

  12. Eric, The manager is not “stuck in a hard spot”… she is the manager for a reason. She should know better, and be accountable for her actions. People like you who blame “corporate america” and other people for an individuals problems, are the reason people think they can do whatever they want, and just blame someone else when they get caught. Ignorance is not an excuse for breaking the law or violating the constitution. She messed up royally! and should apologize before she & the “streets” get sued!

  13. That is one Theater I will never set foot in again. I imagine the so called “manager” isn’t even old enough to remember What jane fonda did to the shame of her country,,,,and was absent the day they covered constitutional rights in high school. (if she even finished), which is probably why she works weekends in a movie theater.

    • That was the “Property Manager” …not the theater manager. She represents The Streets of Brentwood!

  14. What if someone wrote a message on their plain white tee shirt and did some window shopping at ‘the streets’? Since they don’t mind some folks walking around with their underwear showing, I doubt that they’d mind a shirt…

  15. Just who do you intend on bringing a lawsuit against? Asking someone to leave private property is not harassment or a violation of there 1st Amendment. It’s private property and if the owner or property manager doesn’t want you there, by law you have to leave or are in violation of PC 602 -Trespassing. The can sit or stand all they want on the sidewalk on Sand Creek as long as they don’t impede the pedestrian traffic or cause a road hazard.

  16. I think very poorly of Hanoi Jane. Anything she is involved with I will not support. The public needs to stand behind and support the armed forces and those who serve. People gave their life for this bitch to be free.Hanoi Jane does not deserve an ounce of anything American.

  17. Until Streets of Brentwood and the cinema issue a public formal apology to our veterans I won’t be shopping there. And its spelled “Reagan” not “Regan” for crying out loud.

  18. Really????!! No way is this OK. Support the military. Fire the manager of the streets. Don’t shop at the streets. Protest this please. Period…..!!!

  19. Typical management mentality. Whether it be labor rights or civil rights. Don’t shoot the messenger.

    • Protesters suck! Those of you that wish to boycott The Streets, go right ahead. That will leave more parking for me and others.

  20. Now I have a reason not to shop at the Streets of Brentwood. That was the most peaceful protest by my fellow Vietnam Era Veterans – totally the opposite of an anti-war protests of the ’60s and ’70s in the Bay Area. Shame on the Streets of Brentwood management. I wonder if they know that the Mayor of Brentwood is a veteran????

  21. For all of you that want to cry about the Streets and their businesses, it’s not their fault. Its the fault of the property owners at Red Legacy LLC. Don’t take out your ignorance on the businesses out at the Streets who have nothing to do with the decisions of the property owners. You taking it out on the businesses is like the protesters in Oakland breaking innocent business windows in Oakland. If you want to boycott someone or let them know how you feel give them a call 816-777-3500 or drop them a line. Dave Clafin is the marketing manager and you can write them at 4717 Central Street, Kansas City Missouri 64112

  22. RED Legacy’s reaction to these wonderful Veterans was absurd! Even if I don’t have a problem with the movie’s casting decision, I certainly have a problem with the RED Legacy treating these peaceful Vietnam Vets so poorly. Red Legacy should be ashamed of their actions.

    They have to be concerned about offending the public as well as any resulting drop in revenue that their lessees may experience. It may not be fair to boycott the lessees, but since they are in the best position to apply pressure to RED Legacy, and there isn’t any feasible alternative, that’s what I hope happens.

    And don’t give Streets of Brentwood Manager Kristen Weideman a pass for just being “the messenger”. She is a member of the management team as has responsibility for her words and actions. I don’t want anyone to be fired, but I do want an apology to be made to the Veterans who were sent packing.

    Let the management group know how you feel; send them an email.

    Management Team – Position
    Dan Lowe – Managing Partner
    Chuck Oglesby – Managing Partner
    Andy Crimmins – Sr. VP Leasing
    Chris Speciale – EVP Leasing
    Kristen Weideman – Property Manager
    Dave Claflin – Marketing

    Email addresses – for easy copy and pasting:
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    And Thank You to all our wonderful and brave Veterans for their service!

  23. From: RED Legacy Marketing

    On Friday afternoon, August 16th, a small group of people gathered outside the AMC Theater at The Streets of Brentwood. This group was protesting the casting of Jane Fonda as Nancy Reagan in The Butler. After a brief conversation, the General Manager of The Streets of Brentwood asked the group to leave the property and they did. Since then, several people have written and called to complain that The Streets of Brentwood was wrong to deny this group their freedom to protest.

    The Streets of Brentwood, its management and owners all respect an individual’s right of expression. It is our job to make The Streets of Brentwood a friendly and inviting place for families and individuals to shop, dine and relax. We have a process in place for groups who wish to stage a peaceful public protest. In the case of the individuals protesting The Butler this process was not followed. It is important that management be allowed to retain some control over the type and location of protest on the private property so that we can ensure full enjoyment by all Shopping Center patrons.

    For groups who wish to stage a protest at The Streets of Brentwood, we need to know the subject being protested, the number of protesters expected and the date and time the event is planned to occur. These details need to be prearranged with management. For further details call the shopping center management office at (925) 516-8500. If this group would be willing to follow the process for conducting a peaceful protest at The Streets, we would be happy to have them.

  24. There are two freedoms- The false where a man is free to do what he likes; The true where he is free to do what he ought.. Charles Kingsley. I am embarresed by the way our vets are treated. It is the low information people that do not understand the unjusts of Jane Fonda and her betrayal to this Country…

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