Mary Rocha Kicks off Campaign For Antioch School Board

By Mary Rocha


The following was submitted by Mary Rocha, candidate for Antioch Unified School District Board of Trustees. With over 44 years of public service experience, Rocha had served 16-years on the Antioch School Board before holding office on the Antioch City Council and becoming Mayor.

While education is my platform – it is also my passion. I’m driven by my admiration for students and their families. I’ve raised three children in Antioch. They all attended Antioch Unified District schools. And, now, my grandchildren are following in their successful footsteps. I want the same for your children.

That’s why I’m running for Antioch School Board, which is at a crossroads because of decisions made by some of the current trustees. Our students can’t afford any more missteps. I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to this role – from balancing budgets, which is crucial to our students’ needs, to providing and maintaining vital resources for our schools.

Retired Antioch Police Chief Allan Cantando praises Mary Rocha during campaign kickoff

As the current AUSD Personnel Commissioner, I understand how public-school funding can support underserved students.


I have the background to restore civil leadership, so community officials can work together regardless of political differences. It’s important to keep students and families at the forefront of decisions.

Said Allan Cantando about Mrs. Rocha: “As a retired police chief, I have seen Mary support our youth and families in our communities. This election is critical, and we need a proven leader like Mary to be a champion for our children.”

I’ve served Antioch as Mayor, Councilmember, School Board Trustee and Child Advocate. With the deep wealth of experience from all those roles, I will focus on Safety, Budgets and Student Programs. I will continue to be transparent in my work for our district and be available to all those connected to our schools.

If you have any questions, visit, Mary Rocha for Antioch School Board on Facebook or email [email protected]

Thank you,
Mary Rocha, Antioch School Board candidate


  1. Why doesn’t Mary Rocha find something else to do with her life? Is her life so pathetic or is she so addicted to be an elected official that her existence has no other meaning? As a member of the city council you slept more than you paid attention!

    For goodness sake Mary sail off into the sunset and let someone from the future generation help guide the Antioch school board in the future.

    Antioch needs fresh, new ideas not the same old antiquated ways of doing things that has turned the city into the turd of east county!

  2. Great candidate, we need someone who is honest, passionate and wants to be on the Board for the best interest of students and the district. We need board members who exhibit integrity.

    • Bob, she didn’t do diddly squad while a member of the city council … she was in impediment and totally useless just occupying space! It’s high time for her to just bake cookies and knit booties for her grandchildren. We need some new blood with a look into the future.

  3. Bob while Mary is an upstanding citizen and philanthropist it doesn’t make her qualified for this position. She as of a week ago had no clear plans to assist in bringing the horrid scores of AUSD up. Her campagn thus far is based on..#1 her last name and #2 she gives back to Antioch.

    I would like to see more of a detailed plan from her because like “Move On Mary” posted she wasnt that stunning representing us on the City Council. Her words did not often match her voting. I have also had a bad experience with her son at AHS around 5 years ago, so nepotism is another strike against her that she needs to explain how she will handle any conflicts of interest.

    The other 2 candidates running have their agendas clearly posted, however they are more progessive. One of them is for charter schools.. so she will probably get my vote as parents of Antioch need a choice for good schools.

  4. Can’t this woman give it a rest already? She was useless while on the city council and I can’t imagine her tackling something like the School Board. Good GOD!

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