Macy’s in Antioch Set to Close This Spring


Macy’s announced this week that they are closing at least 28-stores in the next few months which include the Antioch location at the Somersville Towne Center Mall.

An official statement is expected later Wednesday, however, mall officials have confirmed the store closure will happen in April.

For the Somersville Mall, this is the second major anchor at the mall to close in the past few months after Sears closed in October.

On Wednesday, Macy’s reported their November and December sales results which showed Holiday sales had dropped–it fell 0.6 percent.

“Macy’s, Inc.’s performance during the holiday season reflected a strong trend improvement from the third quarter. Our digital business and Growth150 stores performed well. Additionally, customers responded to our gifting assortment and marketing strategy, particularly in the 10 days before Christmas,” said Jeff Gennette, chairman and chief executive officer of Macy’s, Inc. “The entire organization committed to delivering Holiday 2019, and it showed up in our execution. I want to thank all of our colleagues – full-time, part-time and seasonal – for their hard work and dedication to serving our customers.”

On February 5, Macy’s management team will share details of Macy’s, Inc.’s growth plans and three-year strategy.

For Antioch, the trend of box stores continues, within the past few years, they have seen KMART, CostPlus, Orchard Supply and others. This also comes no the heals Pier 1 Imports announced it is closing up to 450 locations of its 942 stores–its unclear if the Antioch location is part of the closure plan.

Meanwhile, the City of Antioch is working with the Antioch Chamber of Commerce and Saint Mary’s on a Somersville Economic Opportunity Plan at a cost of just under $30k. The Mall also falls under the Opportunity Zone.


  1. Hey another great chance to fill a vacancy with the homeless. Newsom is willing to spend taxpayer dollars. Time to grab some of it back.

  2. And Antioch continues to count on cannibus. It will soon have no other businesses. Who wants to live or own a business in the drug capital of California. Way to go City Council!

    • I’ve never heard of cannibus. I’ve heard of cannabis though. Julio, it’s latinos like you and your cousins Juan and Jose using “marijuana” to cause havoc and rape white women. That’s why we made it illegal in 1937.

    • Julio, it’s cannabis, not “cannibus”. Read a book. It’s where the word “canvas” comes from. It’s an ancient word, even George Washington grew hemp you baby boomer Reefer Madness having loser. The real enemy is online retailers— namely Amazon. How do you think Jeff Bezos became the worlds richest man?? Online retailers like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Aliexpress etc have been putting “mom n pop” shops out of business for years. Now it’s time for the big department stores and retailers that your generation is familiar with that are going under. You’re an example of the ignorant American who doesn’t care about something until it happens to you personally. Wake up and smell the capitalism.

  3. That mall has been destroyed by ghetto ass hood rats and the apartments behind it are like a third world country. The plague continues…..

  4. Antioch had nothing to do with this. neither did cannabis, ( or, BUS, as my esteemed letter writer above says). What it has to do with is…
    1….that mall is an outdated mess that needs to close and be replaced by a mixed-use facility of homes and retail…near a Somersville BART station
    2….Macy’s allowed that store to deteriorate, to the point where it became a dumping ground for low quality product and service, just like Sear’s and Penny’s did before them.
    Sad for the store closing and jobs being lost.

    • Lower tier area’s gonna get low tier product. What do you expect with all the dirty thieves around here.

      I tell ya what, I found myself in the Pleasanton Macys (someone’s gotta carry the shopping bags) over the holidays and the comparison of quality/ overall niceness of the store over there is like dark to light.

  5. That mall was nice when it DIDN’T have a roof. If you understand what I’m saying then you know what’s up.

  6. A shoplifter can steal maybe hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of retail. But Amazon takes millions from Macy’s with everything being online. The shareholders and CEO will get millions in severance pay, while the peasants actually doing the work in the store will be laid off. Meanwhile, out-of-touch plutocrats like Joe Biden will tell them to learn how to code. Gotta love dystopian capitalism in America. It’s always been profit over people.

  7. Who gives a fuck we know Antioch is ghetto and it’s never going to change for the better you don’t like it then get out

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