Liberty HS Put on Lockdown, Reported Drug Dealing on Campus


Brentwood PD

This afternoon, Liberty High School in Brentwood was put on lock down as police went on campus after it was reported that a juveniles was either dealing or selling drugs on campus. As of 3:00 pm, it appears students were being allowed to leave campus.

It is not clear if police found the suspect or any drugs on campus.

Update: 5:34 pm

According to Liberty High Principal Patrick Walsh, the incident involving drugs occurred nearby off campus by two truant students (one freshman and one sophomore) who were spotted by police smoking marijuana. Once being spotted, the two ran back onto the Liberty campus where they hid in a bathroom. That is when the school implemented a lockout.

Police tracked down the two boys where they admitted to smoking marijuana while no one was injured during the incident.


  1. So proud of Principal Walsh for calling the police! When my son was attending Liberty and complained about kids selling drugs on campus, I went and spoke with the female principal and she made me feel stupid for complaining about it. I’m glad the school now has a principal that is proactive in getting drugs off our school campus!! Way to go!!

  2. While i am glad the principal called the authorities, a lockdown is a little much. When i went there, much MUCH worse things were happening ON campus.

  3. They really just found out? Lol, worse things have gone down on that campus & it’s been happening for years now…

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