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Letter: Sandra White Responds to Monica Wilson’s “Women Leaders Condemn Remarks by Antioch Mayor”

by ECT

My name is Sandra White, and I am running for Antioch City Council, District 4.  I want to make everyone aware of the current state of politics in the City of Antioch, and why I am running for office.

Some of our current City Council members who are trying to defund the Antioch Police Department, use taxpayer dollars to put Homeless in a hotel that is a stone’s throw away from residential neighborhoods and a school; are trying to divide the residents of Antioch using race-baiting tactics to accomplish the election of candidates who will further the above agenda.

On September 8th, 2020, some Antioch residents received an email that appears to have come from my opponent in District 4.  It seems a candidate for Mayor orchestrated a smear tactic directed at Mayor Sean Wright, who came out against District Attorney (DA) Diana Becton’s undefined guidelines for the prosecution of Looters.

In the article, my opponent implied Mayor Wright’s comments were somehow divisive because he disagreed with the District Attorney’s allege pro-criminal approach to dealing with offenders in our community.  The smear piece suggests that the Mayor’s statements were somehow based on District Attorney Becton’s race and gender.  These types of divisive politics are toxic for Antioch, and things need to change.

As an African American woman, I am offended when people try to use race and gender to divide us, as my opponent alleges smear piece tried to do.

For the record, I am Pro-Police and believe the Antioch Police Department is understaffed.  I am currently a volunteer for the City of Antioch as the Chair of the Police Crime Prevention Commission.  I have met with many of you in my District to assist with making our neighborhoods safer.  When I am elected, I will be better positioned to make our entire community even safer.  I genuinely believe we do not need less police; we need more officers and mental health resources to assist our police department. Our understaffed police department is inundated daily with calls that can be handled by a Crisis Prevention Unit.

The safety of you and your family will be my priority.  When I am elected to office, I will ensure our Police Department continues to model “Best Practices” within the Law Enforcement community. I stand with Mayor Wright and believe that after OUR Police Officers arrest criminals for victimizing our businesses, they should be held accountable and prosecuted.

Regarding our Homeless population, we all agree; there needs to be a solution.  Many of our homeless residents have mental health and drug/alcohol addiction issues. The only way the Homeless situation can drastically improve is by getting needed services and funding on a County and State level and laws and policy changes that allow families to intervene to get their loved ones help.  To suggest a Homeless hotel in a residential / School neighborhood (Costing at least $1 million dollars) without wrap-around services is reckless and a waste of YOUR tax dollars!

We need to bring back businesses to Antioch taking the approach that our neighbors to the East and West have done.  Do you ever ask yourself why companies are not coming to Antioch? It is simple; we have crime and blight issues that are not my opponent’s concern and other members of the City council.  If we want to attract businesses, we need to lower our crime, beautify our City, and work with County and State officials to get our Homeless population to reduce the number of homeless residents.

If you are happy with Antioch’s current “status quo,” such as the conditions related to blight, low police staffing, increase in homelessness, and crime, then I am not the candidate for you.

We should all want our community in Antioch to become a positive change with a fully staffed Police Department, businesses returning to Antioch, a thoughtful and focused approach to reducing blight, homelessness, and quality of life issues. In that case, I am that candidate, and I hope you will vote for Sandra White, for Antioch City Council, District 4.

Sandra White
Candidate for Antioch City Council District 4

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Coastrider711 Sep 21, 2020 - 10:38 am

So …pro police,need more. Does that mean you have no issue with hiring Mellone,after his issue in San Francisco PD?? We can find better candidates to hire. Fire him now..probation period

Kenny Sep 21, 2020 - 4:22 pm

Please explain to me how Officer Mellone was promoted by SFPD while he was waiting for a 3 year investigation to be concluded if he was so bad. How was it found as a clean shot by the DA in SF (who hates cops) if he was wrong in what he did? Why did SFPD repeal the procedure he was found to be in violation of if it was a good procedure? Why did Officer Mellone get an accommodation for being the first Officer to save someone’s life using Narcam? And finally please tell why when after 3 years all the things I mentioned above happened did they finally give an independent ruling of a 45 day suspension only AFTER he accepted the position to APD? Because they knew they could close the file and not have to explain why they are disciplining a promoted and honored Officer. Officer Mellone is a great officer and all of you people are on a bullshit witchhunt!

LoveableCurmudgeon Sep 22, 2020 - 5:06 am

This rush to fire someone who, while he may have been under investigation, was never charged with a violation, and who’s had a good record with APD ( perhaps the alleged SF incident struck a chord with him and he has altered his methods) is absurd. The man is entitled to some slack and a chance to prove he can be a good officer. This PC rushing to judgement needs to stop

Robert C. Sep 22, 2020 - 5:23 pm

Coastrider, your issues with one police officer, justified or not, really have nothing to do with Sandra White’s message. Your posting is irrelevant.

Julio Sep 21, 2020 - 11:21 am

Monica Wilson should not be reelected. Lamar Thorpe tells Wilson what to do just as he tells Joy Motts what to do. Both endorse him. None of the three should be elected. Let the Chief run his department. He is doing an excellent job.

Jamal Turner Sep 21, 2020 - 11:56 am

ALL RIGHT SANDRA WHITE. Finally someone who will call the race baiting tactics what they are. As a Black American i am happy to see others standing against the use of face in every argument areana and domain. It cheapens the actual fight against racial issues. It teaches our xhildren to not take responaibility for thwir own actions, instead automatically blaming the other as a racist. I see it in our stores, streets, and buses. Kids acting direspectful and then when called out appropriatley they cry racism

Keep it 100 Sep 21, 2020 - 12:14 pm

The article Wilson wrote has “Black woman” 12 times in it. She should just change her name to Monica X. She doesn’t even need to discuss real life topics anymore, just say “I’m a Black woman…” and I guess that solves things now…? She’s associating crime and poverty with being black, which is offensive to black people. Not all black/people of color identify as a victim. She’s outed herself as just another Poverty Pimp, way to go.

OLDVET Sep 21, 2020 - 2:05 pm

It’s a shame on Antioch, when Oakley can get Amazon and who else, just a quarter-mile down the road from our BIG WATERFRONT land. Someone was worried about trailers in the maintenance yard and Hotels. What a JOKE. The SLEEPY city council.

LoveableCurmudgeon Sep 22, 2020 - 5:08 am

Our BIG waterfront is likely a toxic dump and is in need of a very costly cleanup. Job opportunities will not exist in Antioch until the waterfront is clean

Keep it 100 Sep 22, 2020 - 5:36 am

Dude, our delta gives water to all of Southern California including the drain on our state- Los Angeles. Don’t disrespect it like that. Without our delta, Southern California would return to a desert the way it should be.

Yves St. Jacques Sep 24, 2020 - 1:22 am

Southern California is not a separate state and that’s where most of the population is located. The water belongs to all CALIFORNIA residents.

OLDVET Sep 22, 2020 - 1:17 pm

Excuses are like …….. everyone has one. Antioch will not think outside the box, how long has it been since they chased the business off Wilbur because of the smell to the new BEDROOM community. time to clean up and wise up no excuses spend on the right projects. Come on man !!! SLEEPY COUNCIL !!!

Come on man Sep 22, 2020 - 7:45 am

Wilson says “Black” and “woman” over 12 times in her article. It’s like dude, just call the mayor a racist and say you’re doing this for votes this November. Stop this stupid ambiguous virtue signaling, race/identity politics, and be honest with your community. People who can think for themselves see past this charade and are growing tired of these fake ass demagogues. If you’re only call to action is that you’re a “black woman”, with no substantiated goals or plans, then get out the way and let someone without a fragile heart take the lead. Or I bet a black lesbian will take her place because she’s even more “oppressed”…?

Lawyer Bob Sep 24, 2020 - 6:20 pm

Wow! Common Sense ! I like the way this lady thinks. Time to throw out the divisive tactics of Monica and Lamar Thorpe.

We have one of the best PD’s in the country and Monica, Lamar and Joy are trying to tear apart our City. We tried de-funding the PD back in 2007/08 and no one liked it then.

Go Team Sandra !

Vicki Mckenna Sep 24, 2020 - 9:16 pm

I like what I am hearing about Sandra White! Love that she is pro-police and anti-divisive politics! As of right now she has my vote!

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