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Letter: Manny Soliz Proposes 15% Cap for Third Party Food Delivery in Antioch

by ECT

Antioch City Council candidate Manny Soliz, Jr. has issued the following letter to the Antioch City Council proposing they follow the City of Walnut Creek in implementing an emergency ordinance to support small business owners in capping third party food delivery services.

Here is a copy of his letters:

Mayor and Councilmembers:

In an effort to support and assist our restaurant owners in Antioch, I am proposing the City Council immediately adopt an emergency ordinance to support our small business restaurateurs.  How?

I am proposing that the City limit the amount that third party food delivery companies can charge our restaurants to 15% of the sales amounts.  Currently, food delivery services can charge as much as 30% to provide this service to people ordering from our restaurants.  This temporary measure will help support our local restaurants, cost the City zero to adopt and implement and help during this pandemic time as some people continue to order food delivered to them, instead of venturing out for pick up.

Large conglomerate restaurants can usually negotiate a smaller delivery charge, but our local business owners are at the mercy of the delivery firms, and their high charges.  Our local small restaurants are often dealing with a 20% to 30% charge

Longevity for this ordinance?  Why not have the ordinance terminate when City Council lifts emergency orders related to the pandemic.  Restoration of normalcy seems vague at this point, and the ordinance to support our restaurants should not terminate prematurely.

This is a quick way to support our restaurants in Antioch.  As we approach the fall and winter, we need to be proactive in supporting our business community.  I am available to share my research with you, and expect our City leaders to be responsive in helping our small businesses, restaurants in particular.

Manny Soliz, Jr.
Former Mayor Pro Tem and Councilmember
Current candidate Antioch City Council District 1

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Tom Oct 11, 2020 - 5:48 am

We are a free American society where capitalism is a profit motivator. If my third part business model can safely deliver food from restaurant to a customer who is willing to pay me based on an agreed upon price discovery for my service, why would a city council interfere with my profit margin? If that is the mindset here, then i will take my business idea somewhere else…

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