June 10: Antioch Task Force Set for Second Talk on Homeless Encampments


The City of Antioch announced as part of a 4-part series of public testimony gatherings, the Antioch Homeless Encampment Task Force will meet for a 2nd time on June 10 to gather public testimony specifically from community-based organizations, residents, volunteers, nonprofits and faith ministries who are currently assisting individuals experiencing homelessness.

This is a follow up to the May 30, 2019, public testimony hearing where the Task Force received testimony about the impacts of the growing homeless crisis including homeless encampments on city departments, county and regional agencies, and community-based organizations.

Part 2 of the series will be a roundtable discussion to elicit testimony about how to better align city services to alleviate homeless encampments on public and private properties including the consequences associated with encampments like the accumulation of rubbish, needles and human feces.

  •  WHEN: ​June 10th, 2019, 6:00 pm
  •  WHERE​: Antioch Community Center, 4703 Lone Tree Way, Antioch, CA 94531

In March of 2019, Mayor Pro-Tem Joy Motts and Council Member Lamar Thorpe requested the establishment of a Homeless Encampment Task Force, which was unanimously approved by the Antioch City Council. The purpose of the Task Force is to study the growing homeless crisis in Antioch, the effects of homelessness including encampments on the community and temporary measures to alleviate homeless encampments until the completion of the Contra Costa County Care Center. The task force includes Mayor Pro Tem Joy Motts and Council Member Lamar Thorpe

Editors Note:

Via Antioch City Manager Report

According to the Antioch City Manager Report, Ron Bernal stated that during the May 30 meeting, panelist presented ways they interact with and attempt to assist the homeless—that report or information was not released.

It was also stated that Council Member Thorpe began referring to them as “unhoused residents” in an effort to provide information to the City Council Members who will take this testimony back to the full council for their consideration and next steps.


  1. The problem is deeper than just kicking them out from everywhere. Maybe give them a couple acres somewhere that is outta sight, and some public facilities to maintain health like portable bathrooms, showers, trash cans and sinks. Just that they might get to comfortable and it might become a homeless hotspot and attract homeless people from other cities?

    • There is homeless in Alamo , Orinda, Moraga. Lafayette. They just are more discreet , or You choose not too notice . Homeless is everywhere. And it does not have an age .

  2. Other than other cities and states sending their people out here because of the weather, native Californian homelessness started when the tech firms started bringing in people from all over and the cost of housing (ownership and rentals) went sky high. This displaced a lot of people and it’s still doing that. Tech companies should be disperse to other states and communicate online. This means that people they hire can stay in their own states close to their relatives and family members. With modern technology, people can communicate without having to leave their own areas.

    • Yes! The tech industries started this spiral, but there is another problem. Just too many people living in this state. 40 million is way too many. Maybe we need a wall to the northern, eastern and southern edges of California with several points of entry and people moving here have to show that they have the money to sustain themselves and should NOT be eligible for welfare or other assistance.

      My people arrived here during the gold rush (1849) and they already had the means to make a living without any help.

      • Yes. Lola, the Gold Rush. Miners killing native Americans for bounty at $20-30 per scalp was a side hustle when they ran out money because the surface gold was dwindling. Mass massacre of natives is a enterprising means of making a living, indeed.

  3. The rent is out of reach for working people, I can see how hopelessness can happen. A lot of us are barely holding on to our homes/apartments. Let’s address the cost of living that seems to keep moving up!

    • The cost of living is only going to continue to go out, you live in a desirable state such as California and you live in the Bay Area. If you want to pay pay $1200 a month for a 2 story house then some other state is probably your best option. That’s why people invest in real estate because it usually only appreciates with time, with that comes continued increases in rent/property taxes.

    • Toni, that’s true and that indicates that people should live where they can afford to live. If it’s such a burden to stay here, then there are other areas with much lower cost of living. Many landlords will take advantage and try to squeeze out as much money out of their rentals as they can… and then they will try to squeeze out even more.

  4. Two full-time jobs and still can’t afford to live in the area I’m homeless I live out of my car. But I have seen some that destroy bathrooms on purpose and it affects everyone. Affordable housing is all tied up with some people making enough it’s clearly abuse of the system that isn’t being taken care of considering if u got into housing assistance and started making more money u still won’t be asked to move how do I know cause I work for a non profit affordable housing

  5. An estimated 2 million illegal aliens in California. Seems like they might be soaking up a lot of housing that could be used by legal residents.

    • Shut up already, I guarantee you there’s more than 2 million open living spaces in California. If you are broke that’s another question, boss up and get some money lol
      You think you would be fed up with makingminimum wage 🙄

    • fed up — Did you see the new clothes and shoes these illegals (fake “asylum” seekers) from Central America are getting once they cross the border? They are also given food, beds, medical care at our expense. Yet our own people aren’t getting such basic things.

      Mexico is letting them through to our border and for that, President Trump should shut down the border AND levy some HUGE tariffs on the crappy Mexican goods they are sending us or altogether put a stop to those “imports.” There is no way I would ever buy anything grown in Mexico where they use human fertilizer on their crops!

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