Health Department Temporarily Shut Down Food Services at AMC Brentwood


Last week, Contra Costa Health Services temporary has shut down food services inside AMC Theatres Brentwood 14 at the Streets of Brentwood after a health inspection found no hot water at all hand wash sinks and improper hand washing.

According to health inspectors, they spoke to the manager who stated that the business had no hot water for two-days and that management was aware of the problem. This prompted the AMC to post a closure sign.

Only July 13, the County performed a re-inspection and re-opened the business and the AMC returned to normal operations.

On July 9, Subway at the Streets of Brentwood also hit with similar violations after a health inspection also found no hot water.  A re-inspection later that same day had found the problem was corrected.

The notice stated:


As authorized by the California Health and Safety Code (CHSC) Sections 114405, 114409, and 114411, the above referenced food facility is hereby ordered cease and desist operation(s), effective immediately.

Violation(s) which constitute an immediate danger to public health or safety have been observed. As a result, the permit to operate is being temporarily suspended, and this facility is ordered to remain closed until written authorization to reopen and resume operations has been granted by an authorized representative of Contra Costa Environmental Health (CCEH).

As specified in CHSC Section 114405, you have the right to a hearing to show cause why the permit suspension is not warranted. If a hearing is desired, a written request for the hearing must be made by you within 15 calendar days after receipt of this notice. A failure to request a hearing within 15 days of the receipt of this notice shall be deemed a waiver of the right to a hearing. If you request a hearing, the hearing will be scheduled within 15 calendar days of CCEH’s receipt of the request, and you will be notified in writing of the hearing date. When circumstances warrant, the hearing officer may order a hearing at any reasonable time within this 15-day period to expedite the permit suspension or revocation process.

Please contact your inspector (925) 692-2547 or the CCEH office at (925) 692-2500 to request a re-inspection when you feel the violation(s) necessitating abatement have been adequately addressed.

To view the documents:

07/13/2019 Re-Inspection ReportRESTAURANT 150+
07/13/2019 Re-Inspection ReportRESTAURANT 150+
07/13/2019 Re-Inspection ReportTAVERN/COCKTAIL LOUNGE BAR – NO FOOD
07/11/2019 Routine InspectionTAVERN/COCKTAIL LOUNGE BAR – NO FOOD
07/11/2019 Routine InspectionRESTAURANT 150+
07/11/2019 Routine InspectionRESTAURANT 150+


  1. It’s sad that these companies treat food safety like it’s a joke no hot water are you effing kidding me if you look at the health reports online at most places you probably would not eat out sad but true in the 27 years that I worked in restaurant kitchens starting at 14 years old as a dishwasher working all the way up to corporate executive chef I never once had a bad health inspection infact the health inspector would always be a little angry when they would leave because its like they expect nastiness in food service facilities crazy most don’t understand that you can kill someone with unsanitary conditions I challenge anyone on here look at your favorite restaurant on the county health department website and post what you find out

  2. How many times have I or my relatives or friends come down with food poisoning? It got to the point that one is afraid to eat in these establishments. Now, unless I know the executive chef personally, I avoid the place entirely. It really hit home after I read “KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL”

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