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Harvest Time in Brentwood Announces Memorial Day U-Pick Weekend

by ECT

This week, Harvest Time Brentwood announced its Memorial Day Schedule during the 2021 U-Pick season–cherries are going Fast!

They now have over 65 farm members offering a variety of fruits, vegetables, and u-pick experiences!  Please keep in mind not all farms will be open this holiday weekend so please double-check our OPEN list here.

Here are a few recommendations for you to review prior to heading out: 

  • Locate your favorite farm using the list of Open Farms.
  • Check to ensure your desired farm is open, call them just to double-check
  • While we have many farms that accept walk-ins, there are farms that only take reservations so please check our list to find out which farms take reservations and which ones take walk-ins
  • Use our new interactive digital map to find additional u-pick offerings such as peaches, strawberries, nectarines, apricots, and much more!
  • Most farms do not allow pets, so if you plan to bring your pets, please call your desired farm first
  • Pack a cooler to leave in your trunk. This will help keep your freshly picked fruits nice and cool during the ride back home.
  • It will be a warm weekend, so please bring plenty of water and remember to keep hydrated during picking!

And finally, drive safe and happy picking! We can’t wait to see you soon!

Cherry U-PICK 

Open for Weekday Picking (Wednesday – Friday) 

  • Bell Ranch – (Walk-ins) Grand Opening May 26th; Open May 26th – Memorial Day 8AM-5PM
  • Diablo Cherries – (Walk-ins) May 26th, 27th & 28th for U-Pick
  • Bloomfield Cherries – (Walk-ins) Open Wednesday May 26th 9AM – 5PM
  • Moffatt Cherries – (Walk-ins) Open Wednesday – Monday (Memorial Day)  9AM-5PM
  • G&S Farms – (Reservations Recommended) May 26th – May 31st (Memorial Day) 8AM – 5PM
  • G&S Denali – (Reservations Recommended) May 26th – May 30th 8AM – 5PM
  • Pease Ranch – (Walk-ins) Open May 26th, 27th, 28th; 8AM – 4PM (Closed May 29th – June 1st)
  • Three Nunns Farm – (Walk-ins) Open Daily 9AM – 7PM
    • Offering: Tractor Rides, U-Pick Cherries (Corals & Lapins) as well as Pre-Picked ones inside the stand!!! Last tractor ride at 6:15PM
  • New Berry Cherry – (Walk-ins) Open May 26th & May 27th  9AM – 4PM
  • Mike’s U-Pick Cherries –  (Walk-ins) Open May 26th – 31st 8:30AM – 3PM
  • Kelsey Cherry Pickin’ Farm – (Walk-ins) Oepn May 26th – 28th 9AM – 5PM
  • Maggiore Ranch– (Reservations & Walk-ins) May 26th & 27th 8AM – 5PM; May 28th 8AM – 4PM
  • Maggiore Cherry Ranch – (Walk-ins) Open May 28th 8AM – 4PM


Open Memorial Day Weekend (Saturday & Sunday) or (Saturday, Sunday & Monday) 

Additional Fruits U-Pick

  • Mckinney Farms – (Walk-ins) Open May 29th & 30th 8AM – 4Pm
    • U-Pick White Peaches
  • Mike’s U-Pick – (Walk-ins) Open May 29 – 31st from 8:30PM – 3PM
    • Offering: Firm White Peaches and Firm Crunchy White Nectarines
  • Bacchini’s Fruit Tree – (Reservations Only) May 29th & 30th at 9AM – 4pm;
    • Offering: Apricot, White Peaches, White Nectarines, Black berries & Pluots
  • Urban Edge Farm Store – (Organic) Open Tuesday – Saturday 9AM – 4PM; Sunday 9AM – 3PM
    • Offering: Apricot & Peaches
  • Airaya Farms – (Walk-ins) Open May 27th, 29th, 30th from 9AM – 4PM (or until sell out)
    • Offering: U-Pick Apricot & White Peaches; “Grow Your Own” Vegetable plants
  • Canciamilla Ranch – (Walk-ins) Open daily 9AM -5PM; please call for availability
  • Wolfe Ranch Peaches – (Walk-ins) May 29th -30th  9AM – 3PM
    • Offering: U-Pick Peaches
  • Heritage Family Farm – (Walk-ins) Open May 29th & May 30th 9AM -4PM; Memorial Day 9AM – 3PM
    • Offering: U-Pick Peaches & Blackberries

Strawberry U-pick

Farm Stands with Fresh Local Produce

  • Berry Best Family Farm – Open daily, times may vary
  • Dwelley Family Farm – Open Monday-Saturday 8-6; Sunday 8:30-5PM
    • Specializing in both organic and conventional premium fruits and vegetables.
  • Urban Edge Farm Store – Open Tuesday – Saturday 9AM – 5PM; Sunday 9AM – 3PM
  • Smith Family Farm – Open Daily 9AM – 5PM
    • Picked Apriums, Cherries, Peaches, Plums, Berries and various other vegetables. We also have a variety of tomato and pepper plants for sale, flower bouquets and herbs.
  • Diablo Cherries – (Walk-ins) May 26th, 27th & 28th
    • Offering: Picked Cherries
  • Seko Ranch Cherries – Open Daily 8:30AM – 4:30PM
    • Offering: Picked and Sorted Cherries; Brooks and Corals

Country Stores and Wineries are OPEN

Our local Country Stores are Essential Businesses and remain OPEN during this time.

PLEASE READ FULL GUIDELINES PRIOR TO VISITING OUR FARMS and it is always a good idea to call your farm prior to heading out.

You can use our online digital map to find a farm during your visit Harvest Time Digital Map.

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