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Giant Crane Installs Pedestrian Overcrossing for Future Antioch BART Station

by ECT

Antioch, CA – On Friday, the Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) installed a pedestrian bridge over Highway 4 for the future Antioch BART station at Hillcrest Avenue, marking a major milestone in the journey to bring BART service to eastern Contra Costa County. The 145-foot-long structure was hoisted into place over Highway 4 by a giant crane about 4pm.

Renderings of the future BART station can be found here: 4eastcounty.org/media/bart-gallery

The pedestrian overcrossing will carry BART passengers over the four lanes of westbound Highway 4 to the future Antioch BART station in the highway median. This station will enable East County residents boarding at Hillcrest Avenue to arrive at the Pittsburg-Bay Point BART Station in 10 minutes. BART trains will operate on the 20-hour BART schedule and meet BART trains at Pittsburg-Bay Point every 15 minutes. BART’s Pittsburg Center Station is also under construction at Railroad Avenue in Pittsburg.

“The BART overcrossing installation is a very visible element of progress in providing more mobility to the residents of East County. We are providing not only needed capacity on Highway 4, but expanded transit options as well. That’s how we are working in partnership with other agencies and the community to build a smarter and more efficient transportation network in Contra Costa County,” said Julie Pierce, Chair of the Contra Costa Transportation Authority Board.

“East County has been waiting a long time for better transit connections to other parts of the Bay Area. After many, many years of planning and promises, we have started laying the track. The new Antioch Station will provide a high-quality transit connection for the people of East County in just a few years,” said Joel Keller, District 2 Director of BART.

CCTA-BART“A BART station in Antioch symbolizes the growth and success of all of the communities of East County. The Highway 4 projects will cut commute times and increase mobility for everyone, whether you drive or take public transportation. It’s a key part of a thriving, greener Antioch and Contra Costa,” said Wade Harper, Mayor of Antioch.

The continued expansion of Highway 4 along the BART route has allowed BART to start laying track in the newly expanded medians. BART service is planned to start in 2018.

The Hillcrest Avenue segment of the Highway 4 Corridor projects is the fifth construction segment in the effort to modernize transportation options in eastern Contra Costa. The construction projects for this segment in Antioch will widen the highway from four to eight lanes, including three mixed flow lanes and one High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane, and provide a median wide enough for BART.

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