Friends of the Brentwood Library Not Accepting Used Book Donations

Friends of the Brentwood Library


The Friends of the Brentwood Library asks people to hold off donating used books at this time as the Second Story Book Shop is closed.

“In these times when everyone is home and anxious to clean bookshelves, closets, and garages, and remove unwanted items, we know you really want to bring books to the library,” said Kathy Mount, President of the Friends.

However, as the library is only open for front door and online services at this time and staffing is limited and, above all, volunteers are not allowed in the library to work as usual, the group requests that people to hold off on any book donations until the library fully reopens.

“When that happens we will be very happy to accept your donations. We thank the many people who have supported us in the past. Thank you in advance for all your cooperation and let’s hope for a speedy return to ‘normal,’” she said.

Once the library opens the Friends will start a reservation list for individuals who wish to donate books to the Friends Second Story Book Shop. Please call Charlotte Allison at (915) 513-9414 to get your name added to the list or if you have other questions.