Fremont Police Arrest Antioch Man for Allegedly Filming Men and Children Inside Trampoline Park Bathroom

Press Release

Photo provided by Fremont Police

A 36 year old Antioch man was arrested May 9th on charges connected with surreptitiously recording male victims inside a public restroom.

On May 3, 2019 at 7:57 p.m., an employee of a children’s trampoline business located in the 39100 Farwell Dr., reported a hidden camera found in the men’s public restroom. Officers responded to the location and obtained the camera and micro SD card. Through a forensic examination, officers found the SD card contained multiple videos of people, including children using the restroom. The hidden camera also revealed the suspect as he set up the camera.

The suspect appeared to possibly be a Hispanic male adult, 25-35 years old, with black hair and a full beard. Based on the time stamp of the hidden video, security footage from the business was obtained and an associated white SUV was identified to the man in the video. Detectives then utilized the City’s community camera license plate readers and found a similar vehicle leaving the area shortly after the camera was placed in the restroom. A registration check revealed the vehicle belonged to 36 year old Richard Charles Rocha, an Antioch resident. Rocha’s photo was obtained and found to be a close match of the suspect captured placing the camera in the bathroom.

A criminal history check on Rocha showed he had prior arrests and convictions for similar crimes including concealing a camera.

Based on the evidence and information obtained during the investigation, officers believed Rocha may be in possession of images and videos of other victims at other public locations. On May 8, 2019, a probable cause arrest warrant and a search warrant were approved by an Alameda County Superior Court Judge.

On May 9, 2019, several Fremont Police Officers and Detectives responded to Rochas’ residence in Antioch and served the warrant. During the execution of the search warrant, multiple storage and recording devices were recovered, which included other surreptitious videos and suspected child pornography.

Rocha was transported to the Fremont Police Department’s Detention facility, where he was booked for violation of PC 311.11 – possession of child pornography and three counts of PC 647(j)(3) a – concealing a camera in a bathroom.

Rocha currently remains in custody and his next court appearance is scheduled for June 3, 2019 in Dublin, CA. The investigation remains ongoing and detectives are still in the process of contacting victims.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to please contact the Fremont Police Department’s Crimes Against Persons Unit at 510-790-6900 or email Detective Holguin at [email protected]

They will also accept anonymous tips. Text, Tip FremontPD followed by your short message to 888-777 or via the web at


  1. Hidden cameras inside restrooms are an invasion of privacy… to say the least. What a sick man.

  2. This man is a devout Catholic, on his way to become a priest. I know him well and I am sure he was filming potential souls to save. Only God can judge us and I have faith in this. Amen

  3. What a piece of a shit (no pun intended) Really, I just can’t fathom what makes sick mother fuckers like this tick. I hope they throw the book at him and then place him in general population where he can and will be punished daily, very brutally, and deserve every second of it.

  4. OK there Mr.Santolini ,, I have in all fairness one question for you ……. Are you having acid flashbacks ? Remember if it all goes wrong (and it will ) Mr. A.F. Santolini you gave excuse for him . I dont buy it. in a bathroom? A true man of God wouldnt dedicate in that way .You should back up.

    • They’re trolls (or one troll) mocking pedophiles and the Catholic church. Read between the lines, and ignore it. He’s done it on ECT before.

  5. I went to school with him at Antioch High School. He was in my 5th period class . He was openly gay then but I never thought he would be doing something like this . This is sad

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