Freedom High 10th Grader Dials 9-1-1, ECCFPD Saves Two Brentwood Homes


At 12:04 pm Saturday, East Contra Costa Fire Protection District responded to a fire on Celeste Way in Brentwood.  Engine 93 arrived to find a fully engulfed fence fire between two homes.

Crews worked to secure the perimeter and protect both homes.  After some checking, it was determined the fire did not spread to the homes. Fire damage was limited to the fence and exterior of both homes while one fire sprinkler was activated in the garage.

The estimated damage is roughly $10,000 while no one was injured in the incident. Crews were on scene for roughly 2 hours and 20-minutes while Brentwood Police also responded to ensure crowd and traffic control.

It should be noted, that Joshua May, a 10th Grader at Freedom High School saw the fire and immediately called 9-1-1 which led to crews being able to respond quickly and put out the flames. Meanwhile, Gene Azevedo, a neighbor, jumped over the fence along with another person (a female) to help stop the fire from crossing over to the other house before the fire crews showed up.

According to ECCFPD, the cause of the fire has not been determined at this time.

Here are some photos of the incident.

Photo Credits:
Along with our photos, Joshua May and Gene Azevedo were kind enough to provide us with an image each.


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