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Four Brentwood Candidates Pull Papers

by ECT

With the Mayor seat and two council seats up for grabs this November, a total four Brentwood candidates pulled papers on Day 1. The official candidate filing period for the Nov. 6 general election opens Monday, July 16, and runs through Aug. 10.

Steve Barr pulled papers to run for Mayor which is currently occupied by Mayor Bob Taylor.  Barr announced last October that he had an interest in running for Mayor and that he was “for sure” going to run. It looks like he kept his word.

For the two council seats available, current Councilmember Erick Stonebarger who is up for re-election pulled papers along with council hopefuls Carissa Pillow and Gene Clare. Robert Brockman is also up for re-election, but has yet to pull papers.

Clare stated that he has the experience and Brentwood needs new folks on the Council.

“I love Brentwood and we need a new face on the City Council that will listen to your voice. I am that person, Trusted Leadership for over twenty-two years in our community,” said Clare.

Meanwhile, his opponent felt honored to run and has a deep respect for the potential seat.

“Today, I was honored to receive nomination forms for City Council in Brentwood. It will be my honor to help our community through dedicated public service. As we go forward, I hope that anyone with concerns about Brentwood’s future will feel free to connect with me, as I strive to represent our community with an open mind and a fresh perspective. Thank you, Brentwood for all of your generous support,” said Pillows.

Gene Clare & Carissa Pillow at the 2012 Brentwood CornFest

Zeigler (left), Supervisor Mary Piepho and Congressman Jerry McNerney at CornFest

Dirk Zeigler has announced he is running and is expected to pull papers in the near future.

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