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Foulger Scores $1,000 Win At Antioch Speedway Plus Other Winners

By Candice Martin

by ECT

Antioch, CA — Troy Foulger scored the 20 lap IMCA Stock Car Main Event win Saturday night at Antioch Speedway. This was his second win of the season in this division, and it was Heavy Construction night at the races for this class. The win paid Foulger $1,000 in the Bowers Motorsports owned entry.

Dan Gonderman started up front and took the early lead, but he surrendered the point to Foulger on a Lap 3 restart. Foulger started pulling away from Gonderman when a yellow flag slowed the pace on Lap 8. Undaunted, Foulger remained in command on the restart and proceeded to stretch his advantage to a straightaway over Gonderman as Nick DeCarlo gained third on Lap ’14. A low move in Turn 4 on Lap 17 put DeCarlo into second, but Foulger cruised to the big victory. Gonderman settled for third ahead of Steven Johnson and Garrett Corn.

Nick DeCarlo won the 20 lap IMCA Modified Main Event. This was the fourth win of the season for the current point leader, and he had to make a late move to get the job done. From his front row start, Trevor Clymens took the early lead ahead of Kenneth Robles, but Robles surrendered second to past champion Buddy Kniss on Lap 6. Following a yellow flag on Lap 7, Clymens led Kniss and Bobby Motts Jr, but Motts surrendered third to DeCarlo on Lap 10. DeCarlo made an inside pass on the frontstretch on Lap 14 to take second from Kniss. DeCarlo closed in on Clymens and made an inside pass on the backstretch on Lap 18 to take the lead. An inside pass on the backstretch on the final lap gained Motts second, and DeCarlo won ahead of Motts, Clymens, Kellen Chadwick and Terry DeCarlo Jr.

Cameron Martin #12 made his first appearance of the season a winning effort in Wingless Spec Sprints. Photo by Katrina Kniss

Cameron Martin won the 20 lap Wingless Spec Sprint Main Event. Martin jumped into the lead from the outset ahead of James East. Point leader Shannon Newton and Eric Hopkins had a back and forth battle going for third in the early laps before Newton grabbed the position. The Top 3 remained unchanged until a yellow flag waved for Jason Johnson in Turn 3 on Lap 16.

Martin continued to set the pace on the restart with East getting pressured by Newton for second. A low pass in Turn 4 of the 19th lap gained Newton second. However, Martin went on to victory ahead of Newton, Eric Hopkins, East and Dylan Newberry.

Clarence Holbrook won the 20 lap Pacific Coast General Engineering Hobby Stock Main Event. Kevin Brown led early with Holbrook moving into second on a Lap 2 restart. Holbrook went low in Turn 4 to take the lead from Brown on Lap 4. A Lap 6 restart enabled Bakersfield star Tate Loftis to move into second with B Main winner Les Friend following into third. A Lap 12 yellow flag bunched the field for one more restart. It was Loftis gaining the lead from Holbrook, but Holbrook followed him as the duo pulled away. Holbrook made an inside pass on the front stretch on Lap 19 to take the lead. Loftis pushed on exit in Turn 4 on the final lap, and Holbrook brought it home to victory ahead of Loftis, Friend, Jared Baugh and Ken Johns.

Point leader Danny Wagner won the his fifth 20 lap Delta Dwarf Car Main Event of the season. With a front row start, Wagner bolted into the lead immediately ahead of Devan Kammeramann. Following a Lap 4 yellow flag, Dan Geil moved into second. However, Kammeramann went motoring past Geil for second on Lap 11. Unfortunately, Wagner held a straightaway advantage by then. Wagner increased his advantage to half a lap over Kammeramann in victory. Dan Geil ended up third, followed by Ellie Russo and Isaak Geil.

Racing continues next Saturday night with IMCA Modifieds back in action along with IMCA Sport Modifieds, IMCA Stock Cars and Pacific Coast General Engineering Hobby Stocks. For further information, go to www.antochspeedway.com.


Antioch Speedway July 30th Unofficial Race Results

IMCA Stock Cars

Heat Winners (8 laps)-Troy Foulger, Steven Johnson. Main Event (20 laps)-Troy Foulger, Nick DeCarlo, Dan Gonderman, Steven Johnson, Garrett Corn, Jason Jennings, Travis Dutra, Jason Robles, Cody Johnson, Dave Hill.


IMCA Modifieds

Heat Winners (8 laps)-Terry DeCarlo Sr, Bobby Motts Jr. Main Event (20 laps)-Nick DeCarlo, Bobby Motts Jr, Trevor Clymens, Kellen Chadwick, Terry DeCarlo Jr, Shawn DeForest, Gary Hylton, Gary Hetrick, Buddy Kniss, Jeffrey Partain.


Wingless Spec Sprints

Heat Winners (8 laps)-Shannon Newton, Roy Fisher. Main Event (20 laps)-Cameron Martin, Shannon Newton, Eric Hopkins, James East Dylan Newberry, MacKenzie Newton, Roy Fisher, Steve Maionchi, James Johnson, Roy Greer DNS.


Pacific Coast General Engineering Hobby Stocks.

Heat Winners (8 laps)-Clarence Holbrook, Colten Haney, Michaela Taylor, Aidan  Ponciano. B Main (15 laps)-Les Friend, Ken Johns, Grayson Baca. Main Event (20 laps)-Clarence Holbrook, Tate Loftis, Les Friend, Jared Baugh, Ken Johns, Misty Welborn, Grayson Baca, Michaela Taylor, Jon Haney, Jewel Crandall.


Delta Dwarf Cars

Heat Winners (8 laps)-Danny Wagner, David Rosa. Main Event (20 laps)-Danny Wagner, Devan Kammeramann, Dan Geil, Ellie Russo, Isaak Geil, Ricardo Rivera, Mario Marques, David Michael Rosa, David Rosa.

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