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First Cases of U.K. COVID Variant Detected in Contra Costa

by ECT
Contra Costa Health Services

Laboratory results have revealed the first two known cases of the highly infectious U.K. variant (B.1.117) in Contra Costa County. The B.1.117 variant, dubbed the U.K. variant because it is believed to have originated in the United Kingdom, is more contagious than others and possibly more deadly.

“This is a reminder that even though COVID numbers are falling, we need to continue using all our tools to prevent another surge: wear masks in public, continue to physically distance, avoid both indoor and large gatherings, and get vaccinated when it’s your turn,” said Dr. Chris Farnitano, the county’s health officer.

Initial studies suggest the three COVID vaccines in the United State provide strong protection against the U.K. variant and others.

While these are the first confirmed cases of the U.K. variant in Contra Costa, Dr. Chris Farnitano, the county’s health officer, said there are likely many more in the community that have not been detected.

“We can’t say how widespread it is in Contra Costa, but it’s concerning,” Dr. Farnitano said.

The South African variant, another COVID variant of concern, has yet to be detected in Contra Costa, although Dr. Farnitano said we should assume it also circulating in California.

The presence of the U.K. variants were discovered as part of laboratory surveillance work during the pandemic. One local person infected with the U.K. variant began displaying common COVID-19 symptoms such as cough and muscles aches and was able to isolate at home. The other Contra Costa resident reported having multiple symptoms, including runny nose, cough, headache and loss of smell and taste.

For Contra Costa data and COVID-19 health information, visit cchealth.org/coronavirus.

Information released by Contra Costa Health Services

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Troy McClure Mar 16, 2021 - 10:55 am

It’s more contagious says who? So more people may get a virus that more than 99.98% turn out just fine? And it’s POSSIBLY more deadly? Says who? Why scare us about it being more deadly unless you know for sure? When will this end?

Playing Politics!! Mar 16, 2021 - 1:21 pm

Very convenient for them to find this right after opening things up slightly.The politics continue. Democrats want to ruin the free market.
If people are scared then stay home.
Dont want your kids in school, keep them home!
All you sheep just continue to cower in fear!
Ill do what I want!!
Fu@& Newsome
Fu@& Fauci
And Fuck Biden and the rest!

TheRationalRepublican Mar 16, 2021 - 2:57 pm

Ah yes the ECT comment section where willing ignorance is blatant and lack of education is the norm. Who says its more contagious and deadly…a consensus of researchers and mathematicians. Wouldnt expect the typical rabble here to understand any of that. Its all a conspiracy to you nuts. Covid main benefit has been to expose the irrationality and ignorance of the typical republican. Makes me ashamed to identify as one..will have yo change to independent. Ill be at woodland hills park in pittsburg from 6 to 8 tonight of any of you wanna discuss this in person. Hope u all dont catch it. I seen first hand what it will do.

Looking for dates at Woodland Park Mar 16, 2021 - 5:41 pm

Thank you Dumbocrat for illustrating exactly what the problem is. If you and your Biden loving buddies are too scared to live your lives; then stay in. Wear 3 masks, hide in your moms basements. But because you cowards are too afraid to live, don’t try to shove your cowardly beliefs down everyone else’s throats. You see, that is what is great about the America you girls are trying to destroy; FREEDOM!!
You do you and lets others do what they see fit.
So while your walking your poodle at the park tonight, thanking god no one accepted your veiled offer, think about that freedom. That you have to be the pathetic person you are.
America allows that!!
And take a basic composition at the senior center fir gods sake!

Troy McClure Mar 17, 2021 - 9:16 am

Researchers and mathematicians? Ha ha! Where’s the evidence? Where’s the SCIENCE? Researchers from where? How did they get their findings? What mathematicians? You’ve got to be kidding me. You really made me laugh. However, I’m not laughing at your not-so-veiled threat to meet you at a park.

Joe Mar 18, 2021 - 6:03 am

A UK variant from the UK….but Wuhan-19 or China-19 is unacceptable. We already have many “variants” of Viruses in our bodies and our own immune system takes care of that, for the most part. 99.98 recovery under 65 and 94.6 over 65….Peer Reviewed on CDC site.

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