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Updated: Firefighters Battling 3-Alarm Vegetation Fire in Pittsburg

by ECT

For the third time in a month, Contra Costa County Fire responded to a vegetation fire at Golf Club Ct and Golf Club Road in the City of Pittsburg.

While responding, smoke and flames were reported and the fire was spreading.

Upon arrival, Engine 87 reported the fire was estimated at 2-acres. A short time later, the fire expanded to approximently 5-7 acres and a second alarm response was requested to Orinda Circle as homes were threatened. The fire had potential to expand to 30-40 acres.

By 5:53 pm, the fire had grown to 15-20 acres and crews were dealing with overhead powerlines. There was an immediate threat to homes.

6:34  pm:
Fire is contained at 15 acres with mop up to take several hours. They also did not lose any structures.

8:40 pm:
Con Fire investigation has determined this afternoon’s 3-alarm grass fire in vicinity of Golf Club Dr originated in a homeless encampment. 18+ acres burned & multiple homes were threatened by the blaze that took more than 75 Con Fire & Cal Fire personnel to contain

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Jeremy Jun 15, 2022 - 12:16 am

Homeless encampment of course. They start fires in our grasslands and pollute the waterways with their filth but mention relocating them to somewhere industrialized to get help and treatment and that’s inhumane? Yea sleeping in tents and shanty towns under freeways is the humane thing to do. Californians are done with the disgusting homeless.

Ray Jun 17, 2022 - 4:22 am

40 billion dollars to Ukraine, and more coming, and we are not helping our own in California. We need more mental institutions and rehab centers, and think of our own first. Our governor said, when he ran for mayor, he would clean up the homelessness in San Francisco, now that he is governor we have the same old same old. It is crazy.

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