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Fairfield Police Officer Hit with Bear Spray After Bicycle Stop

Press Release

by ECT

On June 18, 2022 around 9:45 p.m. Fairfield Police Officer Kimball made a bicycle stop near the 4400 block of Central Way.

29-year-old, John Rogers of Fairfield was immediately uncooperative and confrontational. Rogers attempted to ride away as Ofc. Kimball attempted to detain him. During the ensuing struggle, Rogers retrieved a large can of Bear Spray and sprayed it over his shoulder into the face of Ofc. Kimball.

Officer Kimball deployed his taser with little to no success, and Rogers continued to fight for approximately five minutes until additional officers arrived and assisted Ofc. Kimball in taking Rogers into custody.

John Rogers, is a convicted felon and had 2 Felony warrants for his arrest out of Solano County at the time of Ofc. Kimball’s contact.

A search of Rogers’ backpack revealed (see photo) a plastic case containing a “Ramset” powder actuated nailing tool. (This tool uses a .22 caliber blank cartridge to shoot a nail into a hard surface such as concrete) The barrel had a live .22 caliber round inserted and was capable of firing a round like a pistol. By definition this is called a zip gun, capable of causing great bodily harm and death. Rogers also had a pill bottle containing forty, .22 caliber   ammunition and a syringe.

After being medically cleared, Rogers was booked into Solano County Jail on eight felonies.

Officer Kimball’s proactive work led to another felon, and a handmade firearm off the street. Kimball’s professionalism, training and equipment limited the response to resistance needed to take Rogers into custody.

Information released by the Fairfied Police Department

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