Emergency Response Training to Occur July 10 at Antioch Middle School

File Photo: Antioch Police Officer taking a sniper position.

The Antioch Unified School District and the Antioch Police Department will partner on a special safety drill July 10th and 31st from 7:30 am-6:30pm. APD and other emergency responders in Contra Costa County will be conducting practice drills on the Antioch Middle School campus.

Signs will be posted along D street notifying residents of the drill. Ambulances, firetrucks, and police vehicles will be surrounding the area. Partial road closures will occur in the area on D St. in front of the school due to the large amount of police patrol vehicles, ambulances and fire trucks.

This is just a drill and way the school and the local emergency agencies are able to prepare for situations that may arise.

The Antioch Unified School District stated safety is a top priority for AUSD and the City of Antioch. The school will be closed to the public on these days and students will not be on campus during the practice drills. Local residents will be able to access their homes despite some road closures.

This is the first time the school district and all emergency agencies will collaborate on emergency drills. The Antioch Police Department, Contra Costa County Fire Protection District and FBI will be participating in the drills.