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EducationWins: $110,000 in Teacher Grants Awarded

by ECT

EducationWins provided East County with a fabulous announcement today that it has donated over $110,000 in teacher grants since 1997 and is looking to do more! The foundation helps create new programs or purchases new technology for the five district campuses.

The foundation’s goal is to enhance and enrich the educational programs for students throughout the district which includes Freedom, Heritage, Independence, La Paloma & Liberty, explained President Karen Rarey.

“We have two grant cycles, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. Unfortunately, with state budget cuts and tax downfalls, we have more teachers than ever requesting grants. This past grant cycle we had about 20 applicants, but we were only able to fund 11 of those grant requests to a total of $7,300,” said Rarey.

The foundation has two E-Waste fundraisers per year with one that is coming in September. Their big fundraiser is the Holiday Home Tour which is the first Saturday of December which according to their website is 124 days away.

The Holiday Home Tour enables guests an opportunity to tour homes and local businesses that have been lovingly decked in festive holiday décor, followed by libations and appetizers at Hannah Nicole Vineyards. We also have entertainment at the event provided by choral, band and dance teams from students in the district explained Rarey.

Some of the items the foundation has funded include an outdoor pond for the science department at Independence and a tile maker for Liberty High’s Art Academy which will increase the amount of tiles the students will be able to make. This is significant because it will allow the students to do more tile murals around town.

Some of the other items the foundation has funded include:

  • purchased the shirts for Liberty’s new Freshman Boot Camp
  • purchased an iPad for Special Ed
  • $2,100 went to a Quizdom Q6 system for Freedom
  • purchased a printer for an e-portfolio program at Independence
  • They generally do not fund textbooks, but the AP Constitutional Law class at Heritage has not had its own text books, and would not for some time because while approved, there is no money for new textbooks
  • Funded a document projector at Heritage High
  • funded brushes and a document camera for teaching Mandarin at Freedom.

About Education Foundation

The Educational Foundation, founded in 1997, is a community-based organization whose purpose is to enhance and enrich the educational programs for the benefit of all students within the Liberty Union High School District. The Liberty Union High School District encompasses a 350-square-mile region in far East County.

The Educational Foundation participates in a variety of fundraising activities that provide the means to make a positive impact in the classroom and local community.

To date, the Foundation has raised well over $140,000 and has awarded 110 grants to teachers totaling over $110,000, as well as awarding multiple annual scholarships to students at all five district high schools.

The Foundation has set a fundraising goal of $500,000 which would enable grants and scholarships to be awarded on the basis of interest earned by its principal investment.

For more information on the foundation, please visit their website.

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