Editorial: Stop Driving Like Maniacs on East County Roads


I shot this video Tuesday morning in the City of Brentwood as officers from multiple law enforcement agencies were performing a proactive traffic enforcement detail. This seems like at least a half-dozen alone in the month of April.

This morning, officers were looking for drivers who were not obeying the traffic laws such as speeding, red light runners, cell phone users, and even trucks with uncovered loads. Basically, looking for anyone driving like a maniac on the roadway and not showing concern for drivers around then.

The campaign rings true in the city of Brentwood: obey the sign or pay the fine. Meanwhile, in the afternoon hours, they patrolled the City of Pittsburg.

Law enforcement from the California Highway Patrol (CHP) joined the Antioch Police Department, Brentwood Police Department, Oakley Police Department and Pittsburg Police Department throughout the day.


  1. Thank you again Mike for covering this police traffic control operation.

    If only something could be done to curb the “psycho moms” who think that they own our streets when dropping off and picking up their children from our schools. No question about their inconsideration for anyone else on the road. They can only drive two ways – fast and faster.

    Mike Graziadei

  2. Bad drivers are everywhere – but lets be honest. East County has too many irresponsible residents. Irresponsible people will behave irresponsibly in all areas of their life. Not just on the road.

    The fastest (and worst) drivers I see anywhere are young males. Most people slow down with age.

    • Most bad drivers appear to be mothers, and yes I’ve also seen plenty of younger drivers both male and female.

  3. One of the best rules I’ve learned is the “3 second rule”. When the car in front of you passes a landmark, it should take your tires at least 3 seconds to touch said landmark. This prevents tailgating, allows time for avoiding an accident, and creates a flow of traffic. There’s a lot of drivers out there with no bars though. It should be mandatory to have some refresher courses instead of just when you’re 16.

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