Downtown Brentwood Craft Beer Festival A Huge Success


The Brentwood Chamber of Commerce hosted its much anticipated Downtown Brentwood Craft Beer Festival on October 4 where 450 people sampled a variety of different beers on tap.

Held at the community center, the event featured 17 craft breweries with more than 40 different types of beer. A few of the breweries included Sierra Nevada, EJ Phair, Black Diamond, Dust Bowl, Working Man, Hanger 24, Speakeasy and Schooners. Lumpys Diner was also on hand to provide food.

Co-Chairs Dan Torres and Vinny DiNicola had been planning the event since February and were pleased with the outcome.

“So far all the feedback has been positive. From the guests to vendors to our volunteers, everyone has said what a great time they had. That tells me it’s a successful event and financially we will be okay because we netted a profit,” said Torres. “We are happy, there are some minor internal details to work out for next year but we plan on doing it again.”

One of the unknowns of the event was crowd control, drinking and driving and potential other scenarios, however, none of that was an issue according to Torres.

“The unknown was if people would drink too much. But everyone was mellow and having a good time. There was lots of positive energy and there were no issues at all.” said Torres.

He explained that the positive feedback showed people liked how there was lots of beer to sample, but that they could still move around without feeling crowded.

According to Torres, it’s possible the event could expand and become larger; however, he fears it might become a different type of event and they would have to work it out logistically.

“Part of the allure was exclusivity of a limited number of tickets and breweries,” said Torres.

Torres was quick to thank the Brentwood Lions Club for volunteering and providing bodies during the event so they will share in some of the proceeds.

“We couldn’t have done it without the Lions Club; they represented a good portion of our volunteers for the event,” explained Torres. “They were ready and willing when we asked them for help. They were into it and they had a good time as well. Some who planned to leave at a certain time ended up staying until the end. It was a great time.”

Torres also thanked everyone involved with the event.

“We owe a big thank you to our sponsors and the Brentwood Chamber directors and ambassadors, who pulled together friends and family to help pull this off,” said Torres.

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  1. This was one of the best events I’ve ever attended in Brentwood and a good sampling of beers. Hope you do it again next year.

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