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Discovery Bay Resident Fined $26k for Firework Show

by ECT

The East Contra Costa Fire Protection District announced Thursday that they won an appeal which will result in a Discovery Bay resident being fined $26,325 for a large scale firework show.

According to the District, they were advised of an illegal fireworks show that had taken place the July 4, 2020 holiday in Discovery Bay California. An investigation pursued and revealed a large-scale show of a little over 500 fireworks had been fired the night of the 4th of July.

The District cited the resident $26,325.00.

Fire Marshal Steve Aubert stated, “With the District’s limited resources of only three stations available to respond to fires, our Prevention Division works to eliminate all potential fires within the District,” said Fire Marshal Steve Aubert.

President Brian Oftedal stated explained the District put out press releases and information discouraging fireworks.

“On June 25, 2020 the Fire District put out a press release urging everyone to avoid the temptation of putting yourself and your neighbors at risk and reminded the public that Contra Costa County is a firework free zone,” said Oftedal. “It is unfortunate that these warnings were blatantly ignored and that our community was placed at increased risk. I am hopeful that this incident will serve as an eye opener to our communities and discourages individuals from violating local and county ordinances in the future”.

All fireworks are illegal in Contra Costa County, and violators may be subject to criminal charges or citations if found to possess, manufacture, sell, use or discharge, or offer to do so, any fireworks (including “dangerous,” “safe and sane,” and other fireworks) as defined in or pursuant to Health and Safety Code Sections 12502 through 12504.

County To Update Fireworks Ordinance

Last night, the Discovery Bay P-6 Committee supported a potential updated Fireworks Ordinance that Supervisor Diane Burgis will be bringing to the Board of Supervisors next month. The ordinance would apply to the unincorporated areas, however, they anticipate many cities may follow suite and approve a similar ordinance.

What the draft ordinance currently states is it amends Chapter 44-2 of the County ordinance where it holds the property owner responsible for fireworks. The person who organizes, supervises, sponsors, conducts, allows, controls or controls access to, the possession, manufacture, sale, offer for sale, use, or discharge fireworks at a residence or private property.

Ultimately, it appears the ordinance will have a clause where law enforcement no longer needs to actively observe fireworks, but rather, any observer can report it and with evidence such as video, photography or investigation a citation can now be issued.

It’s anticipate this ordinance will go before the Board of Supervisors sometime in May.

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