Discovery Bay Cancels Candidates Forum Due to Giants Game


Here is some pretty awesome news out of Discovery Bay as they have apparently cancelled their candidates forum due to Game 1 of the World Series which is between the San Francisco Giants and the Detroit Tigers.   At least they are honest and have their priorities straight right?

Here is the notice via the Delta Sun Times

The San Francisco Giants World Series game #1 will also be Wednesday night, and the Boardwalk Grill will simply be too noisy to host both crowds, and we expect attendance to the forum would be considerably smaller due to the game.
If you do want to catch the game with friends and neighbors, the Boardwalk Grill will be open, with all of it’s large screen televisions tuned to the big game, and offering World Series specials.


  1. I hope you are joking about this being “pretty awesome” because this is just another reason why Discovery Bay will remain irrelevant in the big scheme of things. Giants game or not, many people are not sports fans and would have attended. While its great the Giants are in the series, its no reason to cancel anything. What is sad is this should have been a forum held a month ago before the absentees, not so close to the election. These people in Discovery Bay simply do not have a clue. They get what they deserve after election day.

  2. This is pretty awesome they are honest with their reason for cancelling, but the Giants are no reason to cancel an event.

  3. “the Boardwalk Grill will be too noisy to host both crowds” they are being honest. If the debate coordinator had planned properly, there would have been a back up site available. I think having a debate in a sports bar a bad location to begin with. Politics and sports do not go well together. But hey, my opinion doesn’t matter because I don’t live in Disco Bay.

  4. I’ll bet they figured out a debate wouldn’t have mattered much anyway. Many voters are out of touch and to lazy to learn about the issues. Not sure why anyone would run for office in Disco Bay anyway. From letters and stories I have read in the Press, they have a small group of very confused individuals within the community that continually attack their own elected leadership. Guess they never heard the saying; “Even a cat knows better than to [email protected] in its own backyard.”

    Go Giants!

  5. As a 12+ year DB veteran I can tell you the elected official/CSD situation there is quite sad. I’d say it is a couple ticks better than it was the first 10 years but the people of that community deserve much better. Unfortunately the bag of issues exemplified by this candidates night thing represents the situation quite well. I don’t necessarily blame the organizers, the whole thing is simply a result of a low functioning entity that is steeped in a ‘good old boy’ culture of poor planing, knee jerk reactions and favoritism. DB has more of a population base than some incorporated cities (not much of a business base)…there are plenty of people who reside there who could do a much better job than those that seem to gravitate toward wanting the CSD seats but due to the lousy culture and under the circumstances I don’t really blame them for not getting involved.

    And rather than villainizing the people who make noise and point out the inadequacies maybe they should get some credit…if it were not for the ‘noisy crowd’ a short time ago when DB spilled more than 100,000 gallons of raw sewage into the environment the financial penalty would have been much more severe than it was. In this one well documented instance when the people of DB strongly took on the d. piepho entrenched CSD the stage was set to begin the transformation that still has a long way to go.

    One of the reasons I decided to move on and to at some point end my DB economic involvement is the DB CSD’s failure to take a stance on imminent tract housing growth and the CSD’s failure to hold the Hoffman Co responsible for under building the infrastructure that allowed them to profit wildly during the build up to the housing bubble bursting (great profit is great unless you cheat). DB has functioned debt free but now they are taking on debt (maybe in more than one form) to add infrastructure capacity for Hofmann Co to keep on building tract homes (or to sell off their turn-key tracts) and to provide capacity to other tract builders. Most of this debt will cover capacity that Hofmann should have already built/paid for but did not. Unfortunately the county is so desperate for more revenue they are blind to the consequences and that is compounded by the outside political money pumped into DB (& into the BOS) by developer groups. Even the DB CSD director who this year was run out of office after getting arrested received almost all of his campaign money from outside of DB. In fact he received so much campaign money that he could not spend it all and ended up giving some of it (on the record) to his wife; that is simply outrageous for a obscure CSD election. The attempted outside influence into DB is significant as there are huge housing development dollars at stake. In the future I see a shift in influence going in the direction of commercial development once/if the transportation corridors will allow the LDS land holdings to be brought into play…this will become a sphere of influence issue and no doubt a lot of back room politicking will direct who makes the big bucks and who gets the political influence (and with influence comes $$$).

    Look at what is happing in DB right now…the long awaited community center is gaining traction but once again the Hoffman Co is being treated with special care. The community center deal the Hofmann Co long age cut with the county as a Condition of Approval is not being forced by the CSD so the people of DB are going have to pick up more of the cost than they should. The CSD and its management, in my opinion, are so desperate for fancy offices and to please Hofmann that they are proceeding in a way that is not optimum. They are letting the Hofmann Co off easy and putting more of the burden on the community.

    The good news it that this is barely my issue anymore. Feel free to attack me for stating my opinion, feel free to ignore the underlying issues that caused the host of this forum to post the article. Feel free to ignore DB (probably the best option).

    • Mr. Barber:

      Sounds like you are simply trying to rewrite history. I love the line about 12+ year DB veteran when its known you were a part time resident between DB and Truckee now in Utah.Since you moved months ago, how do you know if things are better than 10 years ago? By the way, how many times did you step up to help your community or run for office?

      Is this the same David Piepho you keep referring to? When you read the document, he accomplished a lot, instead you continue to provide false info when documentation says otherwise. Facts don’t lie. We live in a computer age world and documents are available rather quickly.

      While your busy trying to re-write history, please realize nothing is perfect and spills and errors happen. While this is unfortunate, they happen and when they do, its about limiting the damage and liability. One of these days, please step away and find solutions instead of simply complaining.

      • funny stuff. thanks for sharing the citation given to dp by his wife. I think she forgot to list the time he took out the garbage without being told. but how could she forget to list that on his watch DB had one of the worst sewage spill ratings in the state. on his watch DB’s sewage containment rating was worse than the city of long beach, the 36th largest city in the USA.

        seriously…..I have long referred to the some day DB Community Center as ‘The David Piepho Community Center’. It would be so perfect to name this thing after him. maybe they can buy the corner stone with the several thousand dollars in stipend money he turned back to the CSD treasury after getting nabbed.

        I assume from b-wood’s statements that he/she is all knowing so I’ll take his/her unfamiliarity with my lexicon as a simple oversight…..but in the future they should look stuff up before spouting off….it kinda takes the shine off the all knowing thing!

      • What’s wrong Jeffrey? Mommy didn’t love you enough? Never got an award or won a game? Daddy never patted you on the head? Never got acknowledged for all of your “unique” ideas on how the world should operate?
        People in general, just don’t understand you.

        You are one sour dude. I think someone needs a hug!

        Tell ya what I’m gonna do. I will give you two acknowledgements.

        1. You are the possibly the dumbest person on earth.
        2. The more you speak/write, the more you prove it. (Stupid should hurt)

        If you like, maybe I could contact Mary Peipho and see if she would consider getting the entire board of supervisors to award you something. Personally I wouldn’t hold my breath-or is that how you got into your present state of mind?

        Thanks for the laughs chump.


    • @ Jeff Barber,

      Oh look what the cat dragged in! How did you know I was referring to you? Was it my use of the words “confused individuals” that attracted you?

      Although I don’t give a rats @ss about Disco Bay politics, you came to mind as a primary example…. and looky here, you showed up right on cue. Thank you so much Mr. Barber for proving my point right down to your customary whiny tone while droning on about that which you do not agree with (or most likely don’t comprehend). You didn’t necessarily need to remind us of your 12 years spent in East County (Disco Bay) -that was often provided by your discontent in regular “letters to the editor”.

      It’s ironic that you make up scenarios with the same active imagination that you use to make up words e.g.; “villainizing”. (Psssst, for the record it’s “vilifying” but I guess you can easily dismiss your own mistakes-not so much with other people’s errors….. eh?). I’m sure your neighbors out in Disco, considered you a real charmer. From what I read, you filled your litter box and don’t even reside in East County anymore. Face it….you’re comments demonstrate that you are out of touch with reality. It’s time for you to take your attitude and conspiracies with you.

      p.s. Just a hunch, but something tells me that when retailers have a sign that reads; “We have the right to refuse service to anyone”, they have people like you in mind.

  6. Hey J Barber, how about a big cup of STFU? It looks like I’m not the only one that has had enough of your foolishness. You have overstayed your visit, used up your share of insults and embellished your own arrogance. Burke needs to give you a “time out”.

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