Discovery Bay: 7-Year-Old Flown to Children’s Hospital After Dog Bite



At 7:16pm Thursday, East Contra Costa Fire Protection District crews responded to a dog bite incident on Amesbury Ct. in Discovery Bay that left a 7-year-old boy injured and requiring medical helicopter transport to Children’s Hospital for additional treatment.

According to the Battalion Chief report, the male patient had multiple injuries that required “advanced medical care”.

Engine 59, Engine 54, BC 5, AMR and CALSTAR all responded to the call.

The incident is now under investigation by Contra Costa Animal Control and the type of dog involved or significance of injuries was not yet being made available.

Amesbury Ct. is a short distance away from Timber Point School.

Update 7:34 am:

According to a reader, Dustin Bloomfield, he was the first person to him as they were his neighbors. they are my neighbors.

“The boy was bit across his face severely he was flown to children’s hospital to have surgery. The dog is a Lab we have never seen the dog do anything like this he’s been around my son tons of times. No one knows why it happened,” explained Bloomfield.

Update 1:30 pm

Deputy Director of CC Animal Control Services, Rick Golphin, state the dog breed was a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. The dog was licensed with the county and has no known history. At this time, the dog has been impounded at Animal Control and will remain there for duration of the investigation.


  1. It’s so sad when children are hurt by animals, no matter what the breed. This is why we have miniature pincshers, they are small and incapable of hurting anyone seriously.

  2. Any dog can turn and bite someone, some breeds are worse than others. Yes, labs will bite.

    • Any and all dogs bite. no matter the breed. It is the way they protect themselves. Not always is it out of malice, more from fear.

  3. The odds of this dog being returned to the owner, is highly, highly unlikely. Unless the dog was being beat….this dog will be euthanized.

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