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Del Sol Energy Donates Solar System to Cancer Patients Home

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In June, Del Sol Energy and its partners donated a solar system to the family of terminal cancer patient Alex Matlosz-Cox, of San Jose, after learning of a bucket list called “Alex Saves the Planet”.

Matlosz-Cox, 17, has made Bay Area news for his quest to fulfill a bucket list while battling terminal cancer wants to work to reduce his and others carbon foot print.

Del Sol Energy found the story and wanted to help Matlosz-Cox knock an item off his bucket list at no cost because they were impressed that he was so into sustainable recycling and renewable energy.

Solar was on his list so they wanted to move forward explained Josh Aldrich, owner of Del Sol Energy in Brentwood, after one of his partners brought it to his attention.

Photo provided by Del Sol Energy of Brentwood.

Photo provided by Del Sol Energy of Brentwood.

“We got our partners and suppliers together and made it happened after reading the story and we decided to donate a solar system to this family,” explained Aldrich. “The fact that one of our business partners brought it to our attention that the kid is really into renewable energy. We wanted to do something for them but didn’t know what it was at first, but after discussion, a complete system was the best option of how we can give back.”

The partners included:

  • Del Sol Energy
  • Gexpro
  • Hanwha Q Cells
  • IronRidge
  • Rexel
  • SepiSolar
  • Solar Edge

Aldrich says the plan developed quickly because everyone was touched by the story and what Matlosz-Cox was trying to achieve. It took about 6-weeks from start to finish.

According to Aldrich, Bobbie Cox, Alex Mom, thought we were full of it because other companies offered her a zero down lease where she was going to pay for it.

“We thought no that is not right to offer her a lease she would have to pay for, we said listen we are getting you a free donated system with no strings attached,” explained Aldrich. “She kept it from Alex and I don’t think it really hit her until she saw the plans and details.”

Everything was donated and done within six-weeks while working on a system specific to the Cox home.


Photo provided by Del Sol Energy of Brentwood.

“Alex is a great kid, it was a great 2-days with a great family. We really just talked with the family and talked to Alex when he could come outside and he flipped on the switch when we were done. He saw the meter begin to go backwards,” said Aldrich.

Everyone was touched by the whole experience, our supplies seemed willing and it takes everyone comes together to donate a $25,000-30,000 system that we would normally sell,” said Matt Turville. “It took about 7-8 different parties that came together.”

According to Aldrich, the Cox family had a bill around $300 a month and the system designed will reduce that to $0 except for the gas which they cannot control with a solar system.

Del Sol Energy first opened in 2004 in Brentwood who focus on commercial and residential solar systems. On Wednesday, they opened up their showroom to the public so they can learn about solar while seeing the systems up close and see the difference between systems made in America versus China.

“We want to support downtown Brentwood and help drive people down here, that is the biggest thing,” said Aldrich. “It’s all apart about being in any business is giving back to the community that supports you and that is why we donated the system because it really hits home to us. Solar is here and its spreading because it’s cheaper than the grid.”

The showroom, which they says is really an education center, was opened because they do not want to go door to door and begin a pressure sales cycle and spread misinformation when that occurs.

Aldrich explained that anyone can walk in and get a free estimate, design and consultation. They will also explain finances and highlight differences between purchasing a system versus leasing. Turville agreed.

“We feel that it takes a lot of time to figure out how solar works and purchasing a $30,000 system should not be done on a door step but instead with proper planning. This center is open all day every day and anyone can ask any question they have,” said Turville. “We will walk them through the process, equipment and how it works. We can design a system for their home, take their bills, put it into a quote and how much it will cost and potentially save. We let them pick what is suitable for their budget at no pressure.”

In the future, Del Sol Energy will be hosting monthly lunch and learn sessions to allow people to come in over lunch and learn about solar.

For more information on Del Sol Energy Inc, visit them on the web at www.delsolnrg.com or at 160 Chestnut in Brentwood. You may also call them at (925) 350-4121.

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