Daily Question: Should Antioch Move its Veterans Memorial?


Question: Should Antioch Move its Veterans Memorial?

On Tuesday, the Antioch City Council will discuss its plans to relocate the veterans Memorial at the Antioch Marina. This is due to veterans and members of the community upset that a public restroom was built in close proximity of the memorial.

Long story short, in December of 2018, the city re-bid the project and during the January 8, 2019 meeting, the council voted unanimously to approve the bid of $424,417 which was $77k more than the engineers estimate–the staff report did not include plans of the project, a map, or real background of what had transpired since 2010.

This goes back to 2010 when the city spent $3.7 million on the boat launch ramp which it received grant money in 2004.  It was at this point, the city removed Barbara Price Park by tearing out the park and paving over it with the now parking lot of 125+ parking spaces.

The funding for the project is through a grant the city earned several years ago.

The Antioch City Council Agenda has provided a site plan and map for the community to see the proposal. Click here for the agenda.


  1. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to relocate the bathroom, poor planning and a waste of money, the veterans memorial deserves better then that.

  2. I think it hilarious right next to the shitter… Opportunity lives here. Great planning. This had a lot of hurdles to pass the planning committee the staff the council. I like the new vision 😂😂😂👍

  3. I think it hilarious right next to the shitter… Opportunity lives here. Great planning. This had a lot of hurdles to pass the planning committee the staff the council. I like the new vision 😂😂😂👍

  4. How did this happen it had to go to the planning committee then staff then to the city manager then to the council for approval. But I wouldn’t question the city leaders decisions. This is the perfect spot for the bathrooms. Now let’s spend more money and move the monument lol

  5. The Antioch City Council and planning Commission All need to admit their humiliating and disrespectful mistake and MOVE the Bathrooms. We all know the stupid things will be trashed in a month after opening and locked to everyone anyway. The whole area is sinking and the boat ramp is in the worst area because of Wind and Currents. Honestly people at city hall act like tourists , that dont have a clue as to where they are or what their doing.
    Like people that go out on the River without Life Jackets or a knowledge of how to swim.
    Drowning in STUPIDITY
    Donna Salazar

  6. All they trying to do is remove the transits and people thats fishing over their at the pier away from their restaurant

  7. I think it’s a perfect analogy for how our country pays respects to veterans. At face value we get on our knees, pay lip service saying “thank you for your service”. Meanwhile, VA gets crap funding compared to weapons and defense spending. At the same time homelessness and suicide amongst veterans is still high. I say keep it the bathroom there, and stop fronting like we give a damn about veterans in this country. When in reality, the average American if offered to join the military, would cop out like Trump and say they have shin splints.

  8. If you are a Vet and you think that the world owes you something, you are a sad sack. We all knew what we were doing when we signed the dotted line. There are numerous programs for Veterans to join to help them in any time of need. That may include housing, job placement, health care, and even a hotline for a crisis situation. The Veteran has to go out and get the help and put forth the effort. Nothing is just going to be handed to them. So, fucking tired of going to the VA and listening to people complain about the Country not caring for them. You all sound like a bunch of bitches and honestly you don’t deserve shit. Stop blaming the system for your failures and take up some responsibility for yourselves. If you need or want assistance go to the VA and enroll into their programs. The world doesn’t owe you shit!!!!! Stop complaining about the bathrooms by the memorial you never go see. The building is not ugly and you would probably complain if it was further away. Go the the VFW drink your Coors light and fuck off. Stop making Veterans look like pussies!!

    • d-man….. DID YOU KNOW THAT THE Antioch VFW post 6435 donates around $8,000 a month to the Community…. That is something you would have known if you participated in our Veteran’s Community….. Maybe you can Volunteer to serve our Veteran’s Community at Stand Down on the Delta… Simply go to http://www.deltaveteransgroup.org to register as a Volunteer…

    • I have volunteered 15 years of my life, I think that is enough. I did in fact go down to the VFW in Antioch and was not impressed. I am a lifetime member of the DAV, and I work at the Martinez VA.

    • Also, I never once said that the VFW doesn’t donate or blah blah blah. What I said is that I am tired of listening to Vets complain and think that they are owed something. I went the to VFW a couple of times and I was interrogated about my service. I was interested in joining so I happened to bring my Military ID along with my DD Form 214 (honorable) and was still interrogated by a drunk old fuck that wanted to fight. I guess he was a Navy prick and didn’t like Army. If I wanted to join a trashy club I would go to ABC rendezvous or the red caboose. I also went there for a party following a fishing derby and well let’s just say a whole bunch of white trash rednecks getting drunk off of Budweiser had the balls to call my wife a “Gook” “Drikey Girl” “ Charlie” they even went as far as trying to grab her. I knocked some guy on his ass and hit a couple of more. I guess if you like to hang out at bars that try to sexually assault females and get sloppy drunk and blurt our racist comments, that’s the place to be. Of course the cops didn’t show up but hey it’s Antioch

  9. Perry Pssy, you probably support the city council raise too. No wonder Antioch is the new toilet of East County. Trump has done more for veterans in 2 years than the previous 4 presidents in 16 years DA.

    • I support our troops, idiot. Did you even read the comment between the lines? Judging by your comprehension, your education must’ve stopped in middle school. Plus, there was only 2 presidents in the last 16 years. GWB and Obama were re-elected. Trump is a joke, and an embarrassment to our military. He’s the type that will send our kids to fight the rich mans fight while he hides in his ivory tower. A story as old as time.

  10. Considering that many veterans, especially from the Viet Nam era are aged and their “plumbing” is not what it used to be, having the bathroom so close is a blessing. Why does one have to cross the street to get to another head? By the time one manages to stagger to those bathrooms, they might already have made a “deposit” in their shorts!

    • Love it! Reminds me of a story one of my relatives told me: A guy took his aged grandfather for his annual physical with his gerontologist. The doctor asked for the oldster to get give a urine and fecal sample. The old man looked confused and then the grandson said, “Hey Gramps! Just hand the doctor your shorts!”

    • The restroom is exactly where it should be! Because it will be mostly the elderly veterans who hang out by the memorial, it’s very convenient for them to have a bathroom they can get to quickly! Especially if they have prostate problems, which men in their age bracket do.

  11. U,S, Marine Vet
    What A Waste Of Money,Building Rest Rooms Next To A Veteran Memorial, This Is How We Honor The Men And Woman Who Gave There Lives Defending This Great Nation. Freedom Isn’t Free. When I Came Back From Vietnam, They called me a Baby Killer At SFO. Some things never change!

    • Did you kill babies? If yes, than you are in fact a baby killer. If no, than you had nothing tow worry about. People are going to protest wars that is a given.

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