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Contra Costa Today Ep 022: Lynn Mackey

by ECT

On this episode, I interview Lynn Mackey, Deputy Superintendent of Schools, who also happens to be a candidate for Contra Costa County Superintendent of Schools.  In her 21 years as an educator, she taught and developed programs for some of the most vulnerable students in our County.

Mackey is a seasoned teacher and administrator with a Master’s degree from Cal State East Bay in Educational Leadership and has over twenty years of experience working directly with the County Superintendent at the Contra Costa County Office of Education.

She is running against two other candidates, Concord City Councilman Ron Leone and Mt. Diablo School District Trustee Cheryl Hansen.

To learn more about all the candidates, you may view the May 3 debate which was streamed live on Facebook by the Contra Costa County Library, click here.

Sunday’s Interview Overview

  • 00:40 – How Mackey got into education and her store of being a drop out to going to college and was encouraged to be anything she wanted to be and even got her Masters Degree. Explains how she was given a second chance and was going to make the most out of it.
  • 02:40 – How she turned it around by being a drop out and seeing the impacts no education can have. Explained the importance teachers had in changing her life around.
  • 03:40 – What are her biggest priorities/LCAP discussion
  • 08:30 – How do you work with a district who is dealing with declining enrollment and deciding on possible cuts?
  • 09:50 – State legislators seem to cut public education and the impacts of Statewide funding for education. Mackey explains how Prop 98 gives education basic/minimum funding—similar to minimum wage and its not a priority at a state level.
  • 11:50 – Impacts of teachers not being able to afford to live where they work. How do you fix retention? Impact Assemblymember Tony Thurman’s proposal of teacher affordable housing.
  • 11:35 – What has been the biggest change in education over the past 20-years?
  • 16:20 – On ROP/Pathway/Career Based Education…
  • 18:45 – Mackey explains improving communication/outreach at a county level to school district to the community.
  • 20:15 – Mackey on improving engagement with the community.
  • 22:04 – Mackey discusses school safety and better improving safety on school campus
  • 25:14 – Charter Schools and creating an apples to apples environment – same standards & accountability as public schools. Improving transparency of results with charter schools.
  • 32:30 – what type of law/policy would you implement if you had a magic wand?
  • 34:14 – how to get in touch with Lynn Mackey.

For more on Lynn Mackey, visit her website at www.lynnmackey.org

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Ralph May 8, 2018 - 9:16 am

The two women candidates running for Superintendent, Lynn Mackey and Cheryl Hansen, are both just outstanding candidates for the job. For many voters it’s going to be a tough call to decide who to vote for, I’m having problems deciding which one one of these two to vote for, that’s for sure.

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