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CCT Episode 029: Shurvone Wright Talks Never Give Up Motto

by ECT

In this episode, I chat with Shurvone Wright of Brentwood who is both an author and speaker. She is proof that it is never to late to start over and she lives her life with the motto “Never Give Up” as she was faced with some life changing decisions in her career.

Wright is also 1 of 13 women who teamed up with Dr. Missy Johnson in the book Courageous Women Find Strength During the Storm – Volume 1. The book is 13 stories of what Dr. Johnson hopes to be a 1,000 women when all the volumes are complete.

For more on Shurvone Wright, visit: www.nevergiveupstartingover.com

Episode Overview:

  • 01:17 – Intro about Shurvone Wright
  • 02:00 – Going from Nurse to Insurance Agent to Author
  • 03:50 – Discussing her fear of being scared and finding the strength to transition to something new
  • 06:05 – Discusses how movement is important in every step.
  • 07:30 – Getting fears out into the open
  • 08:35 – How she got to work with Dr. Missy Johnson on this book project. She also talks about Dr. Johnsons second chance with life has her running to achieve her goals.
  • 11:00 – discusses how being at the “low” its an opportunity to move forward.
  • 12:33 – Discusses philosophy of Never Give up.
  • 14:02 – Highlights how a lot of events in her life have tested her whether she would give up or not.
  • 16:11 – Emotional & physical standpoint of storytelling and sharing her story.
  • 17:30 – On if people look for people looking to just get by or challenge themselves. 19:05 – What has been the response to people reading her story.
  • 19:46 – Finding a good support system
  • 22:00 – Developing a thick skin and ignoring haters
  • 23:20 – Shurvone shares her biggest lesson in life is believing in yourself

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