California Democrats Offer No Endorsement in Senate District 7 Race


Over the weekend, the California Democratic Party announced their endorsements in the March 3, 2020 primary election with mostly incumbents gaining support, except, Senator Steve Glazer failed to walk away with the party endorsement.

This is the second time Glazer (the more moderate of the two candidates) did not get the nod as the party appears split between both he and Marisol Rubio, a disability rights activist.  In October, Glazer was blocked by Rubio from the endorsement at the Democratic Conference.

In fact, during that vote, Glazer finished behind Rubio by a wide margin of 52% to 34% with 14% voting no endorsement.

On Monday, Rubio issued a statement online about blocking Glazer from the endorsement.

Photo by Marisol Rubio for California State Senate District 7

“I am excited to announce that my campaign officially BLOCKED my opponent from the California Democratic Party endorsement! This is a major win and great news for our community whether you are a progressive or moderate Democrat or a Republican, because we are bringing back integrity and compassionate values into the Senate District 7 seat. Now is the time for us to band together and to stand up for quality, affordable health care, education and housing, for our workers, and for the environment.

If you voted for Glazer, I hope you strongly reconsider your vote. Everyday people are paying the price of poor, disconnected, or nonexistent policies for the past 5 years with their very lives and their family’s well-being. We need change now and not in four years. We need someone who fundamentally understands how to help rebuild our middle class. We need someone who reflects the diversity and values of our entire district. Let’s talk and address your concerns so that we can build a better future for our district together!

Most of our elected officials did not vote or voted no endorsement, and for that I am incredibly grateful. I recognize your hard work and realize that, with the primary being moved up three months, the choice was difficult. Nonetheless, I greatly appreciate you choosing to stay neutral, look forward to getting to know each other better, and hope to eventually earn your endorsement!

If you voted for me, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I couldn’t have done this without you. I am incredibly grateful for your support and courage to fight for those who do not have a seat at the table today. Remember that, with every spoken word and every door knocked, comes the blood, sweat and tears of everyday, hardworking people who have been disenfranchised and ignored for far too long and, as a result, are now displaced in their lives. They deserve better. If you are well-to-do, great! You have been blessed along the way to make that possible. Recognize that and help your neighbor by electing candidates who will level the playing field so that all SD7 residents can enjoy the fruits of their labor. California ranks 49th in opportunity. We can do a lot better!

This is NOT political for me, but personal as a mother and advocate for a chronically-ill and disabled child for 24 years, as a health care worker and educator, as a renter, and as the daughter of an immigrant single mother whose American Dream was made possible thanks to a free college education opportunity. That’s the main difference between my opponent and me. I am the only candidate who understands the issues firsthand and who works to earn your vote by meeting with the people. In fact, I began my political engagement alongside the people on the field. Public policy research shows that in order to create effective policies, they must be informed by the community. I am bringing the community to the negotiating table and will champion the issues that matter most to our district residents, because I am personally invested in these issues. The choice is clear to me and I hope it will be clear for you as well.

Let’s hit the ground strong and win over SD7 on March 3rd!

Senate District 7 covers the majority of Contra Costa County including all of East County (Antioch, Brentwood, Oakley and Discovery Bay) to Lafayette and Moraga down to the Tri Valley in portions of Alameda County such as Pleasanton and Livermore.

Locally, here is a look at the elected officials who were endorsed:

  • Assembly District 11 – Jim Frazier
  • Assembly District 14 – Tim Grayson
  • Assembly District 15 – Buffy Wicks
  • Assembly District 16 – Rebecca Bauer-Kahan
  • Senate District 7 – No Consensus
  • US House District 9 – Jerry McNerney
  • US House District 11 – Mark DeSaulnier
  • US House District 15 – Eric Swalwell

The Fall Endorsing Convention was held in Long Beach between Nov. 15-17.

Full Endorsement List: click here


  1. Glazer is normal compared to the crazy lefties who hate him. California needs normal, not left of left candidates. ECT you should interview Rubio so we all can learn just what she is about. I am not impressed thus far.

  2. Hey Glazer, right up there with making BART accountable for its horribly overprice, unsafe service and sticking East County with e-BART, you need to go!

  3. Don’t be stupid Cal voters. We do not need anymore left of left socialists. We are overtaxed already. Do the homework before you vote.

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