CALFIRE: Lightning Complex Has Burned More than 25,000 Acres


On Tuesday, CALFIRE has combined multiple fires to become the Lightning Complex which has now burned 25,000 acres.

This includes the Deer Zone Fires, Calaveras Zone Fires and the Canyon Zone fire which includes multiple locations in Alameda County, Contra costa County, Santa Clara County,  San Joaquin County and Stanislaus County.

As of last night, CALFIRE reported that the Deer Zone Fires, Deer Valley Road and Marsh Creek Road just south of Brentwood has grown to 1,450 acres and is 0% contained.

The fire broke out at 5:52 am Sunday which was believed to have been started by lightning which prompted response from both the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District, CALFIRE and Contra Costa County Fire. Since then, CALIFIRE has taken over the incident.


  1. too slow getting resources; what they have now is ridiculous. sick and tired of hearing not enough when we pay plenty of taxes to have a fricken adequately staffed fire department. i guess better late than never with some but not enough equipment and help. No experienced fire crew prisoners thanks to COVID-19 release so that is at least 8 crews of workers gone. Our entire state is going to burn with these slow joes in charge.

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