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Brentwood: Wall of Heroes Presents Check to Family of Son Battling Leukemia

By Brian Oftedal, Wall of Heroes

by ECT

With the sound of sirens approaching their quiet neighborhood in the City of Brentwood, Luca and family headed outside to see what was going on. To their surprise, a sea of blue (Brentwood Police) and volunteers from the Wall of Heroes were fast approaching, with some huge support.

Since the day that Brentwood Police Officer Smith and his wife Cassie found out that their 4-year-old son Luca had Leukemia, Smith’s coworkers have been right by their side. Officer Bollinger reached out to Wall of Heroes CEO, Jessie LaChance-Mellan and asked for support.

Wall of Heroes jumped into action and created a fund to help fund raise for the family–more than $70k has been raised to date according to the fundraiser page.

On July 19, 2022 Wall of Heroes and David’s Police family delivered a check to the family to help with expenses as treatment could go on for quite some time.  These generous donations came from friends, family and even local residents that have never met this very deserving family.

“We are incredibly honored to present this support check, to such an amazing family. I would ask the community to follow Wall of Heroes on social media, as we have some upcoming events, to continue supporting Luca and family,” said LaChance-Mallan.

The fundraiser is still open and the group is looking forward to bringing the Smith family some additional financial support.

To provide support and hear this families story, please visit: https://fundthefirst.com/campaign/medical-assistance-for-smith-family-pathwx

The Wall of Heroes is a 501©(3) nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to helping first responders. You can connect with Wall of Heroes on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and their website: www.heroeswall.net

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