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Brentwood Walgreens Burglarized Friday Morning

by ECT

Walgreens Door

Although an investigation is still open and on-going, the Brentwood Police Department shared a few details regarding this morning’s burglary at Walgreens on Balfour and Walnut.

According to Captain James Martinez, the business was burglarized around 4:30 am where two unidentified males forced entry into the business and attempted to pull the ATM machine from the business with a chain and vehicle.  When that failed the suspects attempted to force the ATM open using a torch.  By using the torch, it started a small fire which signaled the fire department.

Martinez shared that ATM entry had failed, however, while inside Walgreens, the suspects stole merchandise on display.

According to the manager, he stated the door was damaged as well as some flooring in the entry way that will need to be replaced.

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Mark Tadena Jul 12, 2013 - 8:18 pm

Pretty soon all our businesses will have those Garage door type entry ways you associate with New York, the waterfront, tenderloin areas, etc. It’s a shame how bold some of these criminals are, and how nobody ever sees anything. Like we all walk around with those blinders on, and just hope nothing gets too close to touch our lives. We have got to start takin’ our lives back, takin’ our freedom back.

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