Brentwood: Two Students Become Intoxicated From Spiked Water Bottle


The Brentwood Police Department is investigating an incident that occurred Saturday during Liberty High School’s Homecoming event.

According Brentwood Police Lieutenant Walter O’Grodnick, two students became intoxicated after drinking from a shared water bottle. It is unknown where the bottle came from and the bottle was never located, presumably filled with alcohol.

One student was transported home and the other was transported by ambulance due to being heavily intoxicated.

Police are still investigating the incident and no further information was provided.


  1. OH Jesus H! Are you kidding me? This stuff has been going on before my Grandmother was born. And this hits the news?? Wow. I guess on a positive note, no one died………and perhaps with the embarrassment these kids might have learned a lesson…….-or not. How about showing the faces of all the kids having a good time sober? That would have been nice.

  2. Water bottle wasn’t spiked, it was filled with vodka, by the users of said bottle. Kids have been doing it since alcohol was invented.

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