Brentwood Turkey Trot Nets More than 600 Participants, Solomon Demeko Wins


More than 600 people participated in the 1st Annual Brentwood Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day at the Streets of Brentwood. The 5k Road Race around the Streets of Brentwood is a fundraising event that benefits the Brentwood Union School District and Liberty Union High School District athletic programs.

Solomon Demeko was the event with a time of 15:43.7 while Keith Lowry, Brentwood, took second at 16:25.5 followed by Hunter Bentancourt, Oakley, at 19:08.8.  The first female finisher was Robin Soures with a time of 20:42.01. She took 8th overall.

Assemblyman Jim Frazier (D-Oakley) was on hand to start the race.

Here is a look at the top 30 finishers.

1Solomon Demeko15:43.7
2Keith LowryBrentwoodCA16:25.5
3Hunter BentancourtOakleyCA19:08.8
4Bill “BK” KelleySANTA BARBARACA19:28.0
5George LoftisOakleyCA19:37.3
6Austin HindsbrentwoodCA20:17.7
7Arren DemanuelOakleyCA20:18.7
8Robin Soares20:42.1
9Mateo MaldonadoOakleyCA20:44.5
10Madison Macpherson20:51.7
11Robert FreitasBrentwoodCA20:59.5
12Jeff MapesBrentwoodCA21:16.6
13Leah HockingDubuqueIA21:41.4
14Caleb McDonoughBrentwoodCA21:53.6
15Tomas MaldonadoOakleyCA22:05.1
16Andrew Banducci22:11.7
17Nicholas HoiemOakleyCA22:17.7
18Tina HillBrentwoodCA22:18.6
19Jeffrey TaylorOakleyCA22:20.2
20Spencer BakerDiscovery BayCA22:21.4
21Maddie BakerDiscovery BayCA22:27.4
22Hope BentancourtOakleyCA22:34.7
23Paul KellerDiscovery BayCA22:41.5
24Abigail CannonBrentwoodCA22:42.5
25Keene SampleBrentwoodCA22:45.7
26Kyle YoungBrentwoodCA22:47.9
27Gene ClareBrentwoodCA22:48.3
28Bruk AbrahaBrentwoodCA22:58.1
29Karla HillPittsburgCA22:58.5
30Jamie FeldermannBrentwoodCA23:16.9

For more information, visit the Brentwood Turkey Trot Facebook Page.