Brentwood: Three Year Old Child Rescued in Near Drowning Accident



A family had the scare of their life Saturday evening when a child fell into a Brentwood pool on Cathedral Circle at roughly 5:27 pm.

A bystander quickly called 9-1-1 and Brentwood Police, East Contra Costa Fire Protection District and American Medical Response all responded—a medical helicopter was requested when dispatched as crews were unsure if the child was alert or breathing.

Upon arrival, crews stated the child was alert and responsive thanks to immediate actions of a bystander and the family. The helicopter was immediately cancelled.

According to a first responder on scene, the child did vomit lots of water, but that it appeared he would be okay even though he was pretty “shaken” by the event.

David Donny Brown posted the following message on our Facebook Page including a photo of the child doing well at the Hospital.

“There were three people watching him from about ten feet away. He fell in the water and they jumped in to save him. Drowning happens very quickly even when you are watching. He is doing great by the way,” said Brown.

Ivonne Ocon Brown, the child’s mother, explained on our page it only took seconds but that he never lost consciousness. She said her child is doing “good” and that it was “the scariest day of my life”.

She further explained she wishes this would never ever happen to anyone and that he was not wearing floaties because they were getting ready to go home.

Editors Note:
When listening to this call occur over radio traffic, it gave me no greater joy than arriving on scene to see the young boy give a “knuckles” to one of the firefighters. We were told that because of the quick actions of many and people on scene paying attention, a childs life was saved. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and wish the young boy a speedy recovery.

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Photo of the child posted by Ivonne Ocon Brown


  1. How interesting. Same thing happened in Antioch except the child died. Makes me wonder how responsible residents are in Brentwood compared to Antioch.

    Let me think… Better schools, much less crime, better stores, better quality if life. Hmmm I wonder what Brentwood has that makes life better there compared to Ookioch. Better yet, maybe it is what Brentwood lacks that makes it a better city.

    Hmmm I wonder what it could be a
    Lack of….

    • That was a real nasty thing to say the people in Antioch love there kids just as much as the people in Brentwood do. So please be careful what you say my God you could cause some mother to hurt herself or kill herself and it would be on you so watch what you say please.

      • I never said people in Antioch do not love their kids! Patti Gardner, pleas be careful what you read and SAY! You could cause some person to hurt themself and it would be on you SO WATCH WHAT YOU SAY PLEASE.

        • Reginald Jamal Brown….dude that is exactly what you said….think about it….Patti Gardner was spot on. According to you, Brentwood residents are more responsible than Antioch. Maybe you should rephrase…

    • Lack of common sense regarding your comment, Reginald. Let’s try this again: “Glad the little guy is okay. Let this be a reminder to all parents about how quickly the unthinkable can happen. Prayers to those who have lost loved ones due to accidental drownings.” Sound good? Because that’s more in line with what most sensible people would convey regarding something so personal and so tragic.

      • Sure, I’ll give it another shot. “Glad this kid is OK. I wish the Antioch parents who’s kid died had more COMMON SENSE when letting kids play near a pool” Makes me WONDER how responsible residents are in Brentwood compared to Antioch.

        was that better?

  2. Thank God he’s okay & God bless the family that lost their little one. I use to take my kids out to the Delta & my son now 26 would dart to the water before his dad & I could grab his little butt. We were young & quick, but he thought it was fun & funny to run from us. Kids are super escape artists. We even tried a halter that he would escape out of.

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