Brentwood Set to Receive Priority Area 1 Technical Assistance Panel Report


On Tuesday, the Brentwood City Council is set to vote on the acceptance of the Urban land Institute Priority Area 1 Technical Assistance Panel report and consideration of the Priority Area 1 Action Plan.

According to the Staff Report (Item D-1), they had the Urban Land Institute conduct a Technical Assistance Panel to evaluate the opportunities in Priority Area 1 project area. The plan will be used to assist the economic development team moving forward and there is no fiscal impact in Tuesdays action.

PA-1 is a 431.27-acre area in the northwestern part of Brentwood located south of Lone Tree Way and west of Shady Willow Lane and north of Sand Creek Road while being east of Heidorn Ranch Road.

According to the Report, here is a list of the recommendations:

2a: Brentwood should “rightsize” investments and provide “just in time” infrastructure to create as much flexibility as possible to attract the employers of tomorrow.

2b: The city of Brentwood should conduct a targeted market and workforce analysis that will detail employment sectors that match Brentwood residents and whether there are opportunities to attract employers to create a local jobs-housing balance.

2c: The city of Brentwood should pursue commercial and multifamily residential opportunities that connect residents to an authentic agricultural experience.

2d: The city should study the feasibility of an “Ag-Experience Center,” drawing on local ideas, agricultural heritage, and Brentwood products to generate both agricultural tourism and clustering to support the local agricultural sector.

2e: Create “agri-scapes” throughout PA-1 as placemaking landscape features to connect neighborhoods to agricultural heritage.

2f: The city of Brentwood should reengage the broader community to define a “public space framework” for PA-1 that will guide early public infrastructure investments, placemaking, and future master-planning activities.

2g: PA-1 needs to create “front doors” to the site to enhance multi-modal regional connectivity.

2h: Consolidate the BART parking to open more opportunities for placemaking on the east and west sides of SR 4.

2i: Focus placemaking opportunities around the Mokelumne Trail and enhance connectivity and public activity to the southern end of PA-1.

2j: Land uses should be flexible and create complete communities that will activate PA-1 for residents, employees, and visitors.

3a: The city of Brentwood should investigate the feasibility of value-capture financing mechanisms to assist in funding for public open spaces and hard infrastructure.

3b: Use all impact fees generated from commercial and residential development within PA-1 to fund additional PA-1 infrastructure, particularly for multimodal transportation and connectivity.

3c: Seek additional state and federal grants to close the funding gap for the Mokelumne Trail bridge.

3d: Coordinate local and regional advocacy to secure the city of Brentwood’s current Priority Development Area (PDA) application.

3e: Leverage existing RM3 funds and prioritize CCTA sales tax funds for East County Transit extension.

4a: The city of Brentwood should take a leadership position to secure future transit extension to the city and lobby aggressively for funding, particularly for eBART to PA-1.

4b: Revise the PA-1 implementation plan with ongoing landowner participation.

Full Report Under Item D-1: Click here



Consistent with Contra Costa County Health orders, and in line with social distancing standards, the public is encouraged to view this meeting in real time or after the meeting has ended from the City Council Agendas’ link on the City webpage:

Please be advised, that in line with social distancing standards, seating will be limited in the Council Chambers to approximately 20 seats. Available seats will be spaced out and individuals will not be able to sit next to one another.  Should more than twenty individuals be present for the meeting, alternate procedures will be provided for public participation.

While the County Health order to shelter in place is effective, public comments can also be submitted via e-mail to [email protected].  Any public comments received up until one hour prior to the meeting will be:

  • distributed to the Council at the dais,
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  • later summarized in the minutes.

As e-mails containing public meeting comments are part of the official record.  Note that personal contact information (potentially including email addresses) may be published if it is included with your e-mail.

In addition, any other disclosable public records related to an agenda item for the open session of this meeting distributed to all or a majority of the City Council less than 72 hours before this meeting will be made available for inspection in the public access binder and posted online thereafter.

Should you not have access to e-mail, a voice mail message not longer than 3 minutes can be left at 925.516.5182. Messages received one hour before the meeting will be briefly summarized for the City Council prior to the meeting and made part of the official meeting record.


  1. 4a. needs to be removed. The citizens of Brentwood have said “strongly” they do not want e-BART in Brentwood. The Council has an image problem right now, so to endorse this item would further widen the chasm that is separating the citizens and the Council.

    • Wrong. Citizens voted in 2004 for the BART extension and East county residents have been paying the BART tax for over 50 years with no service. When did you move to Brentwood? I’m sure I have been here decades longer than you have. In 2014 BART designated the Mokelumne station site as the preferred location. The city of Brentwood took over 2 years to develop the PA-1 plan conducting monthly meetings and the city council voted on it in 2018. Where were you? It was on the front page of the Brentwood press at least twice.

  2. This action by the city council at a time like this when Brentwood residents are worrying about the Coronavirus and not paying attention to local government meetings and decisions is underhanded, manipulative and undermines the wishes of the residents of Brentwood. I vote for the Brentwood City Council and local government to desists all planning, voting, and implementing important decisions that affect the residents of Brentwood until the normal life has returned to normal.

    • The city of Brentwood had monthly PA-! meetings open to the public for 2 years before it was voted on in 2018. Where were you? It was on the front page of the brentwood press at least twice. The city council had a public comment period that lasted for months before the vote. Seems like you haven’t been paying attention for a few years.


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